Needing to answer phone first before dial

  • William Luke

    William Luke - 2010-09-22


    I've got the TSP up and running, and it works great.

    My only problem is that when I use it to dial out, I get an incoming call to my soft phone which I need to first answer before the outgoing call is made.

    I've set auto answer on my soft phone, which sort of gets around the issue, up till the point I also want to handle true incoming calls.

    I'm guessing there is a much more eloquent solution that I've missed or overlooked, to just make my softphone dial out when I place a dial command through the TSP?

    I'm new to Asterisk so go easy on me if this is a stupid question!

    Thanks in advance…

  • osc

    osc - 2010-10-17


    I use a phone with two lines. One with auto answer for ActivaTSP calls and one without auto answer for normal calls.

    Simple but effective.


  • William Luke

    William Luke - 2010-12-09

    Hi and many thanks for the response,

    Just wondering do you use a softphone for this, and if so which one is it?

    The only softphone I've managed to find that has auto answer is Xlite version 3, but that can't be toggled on a line by line basis from what I can tell.



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