Doubts on actual and future release of ACTIVA

  • Douglas Roos

    Douglas Roos - 2012-08-01

    Hi everyone, i had a doubt, or question perhaps.

    If activa supports Call and Hang Up on Asterisk servers together with evolution call center, why it doesn't support Hold, Transfer and other functionalities from the iAgent?

    This would be implemented in future builds of activa? if not, is any chance to me or anyone else interested in this functionality to help to achieve that?


  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2012-08-06


    ActivaTSP uses the Asterisk Manager Interface that have some limitations and we could not implement features like hold…

    Yes, anyone can try to help us. How do you think you could help us? Do you have some ideas?

    Activa Team.


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