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This project was dormant for over a year, but I have recently started working on it again. I have moved development over to the Tantalus Games project ( and have just released Profit v0.6 (I decided the name Megacorp Mania was too cheesy). Read the announcement there for details about the release, but the big thing is that it now has graphics! Try it out and report any bugs you find.

Posted by Colin Kern 2008-02-07

Megacorp Mania 0.5.1 released

This fixes a critical error which caused the game to enter an infinite loop.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-11-11

Megacorp Mania 0.5 released

This is a bug fix release. A number of bugs were fixed, including a few bugs that were causing the result of games to be calculated incorrectly. Some changes were also made to make the game match the official Acquire rules, such as the starting cash increased to $6000.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-11-02

Acquire now called Megacorp Mania

To avoid copyright issues, the Acquire project, a computer version of the Acquire board game, is now called Megacorp Mania. For now, the UNIX name is still acquire. A new version will be released very soon.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-11-02

Acquire project needs a new name!

I've decided to take a precautionary step against possible future cease & desist notices by renaming Acquire...but I need your ideas! What should the new name be? If you have ideas, post them in the forum ( or email them to me.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-10-25

Acquire 0.4 Released (Finally!)

It's been almost 8 months, but the next version of Acquire has finally been released! It took so long because I've been busy with college graduation, helping my parents move across the country, and settling in to graduate school. This release addresses some bugs that caused the game to crash at the end, so you should finally be able to see the final scores of your games. Please keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-10-10

Acquire 0.3 Released

Acquire 0.3 is here! Now instructions are included and many more bugs have been fixed. Remember to post any bugs or feature requests to the sourceforge trackers. I want to make this as good as possible.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-02-24

Acquire 0.2 Released

Version 0.2 is now available for download. It fixes a number of significant bugs. See the changelog for details. The next release will focus on AI improvements.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-02-14

CVS Tree Updated

I've uploaded a lot of changes to CVS. There are a few more things I want to fix before releasing v0.2. My goal for the next version is to fix all the bugs related to the mechanics of the game, so when 0.2 comes out everyone should be able to play through the game without any weird bugs messing it up. After that, I can start adding some of the things I've put in the Feature Requests, such as tournaments.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-02-14

Acquire 0.1 Released

The first beta version of Acquire has been released. The source is available in .zip and .tgz format, and a version compiled for Windows is also available. I was having some trouble with CVS, so the new files may not be available there, but they are in the source tarball/zip.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-02-07

Files Available

I'm working on a complete refactoring of the code, which should be done this month. Until then, I've uploaded the old files onto CVS. They aren't without bugs, but you should be able to play a full game without problems. It doesn't use the auto tools, so you might have to edit the Makefile manually.

Posted by Colin Kern 2006-02-02