#5 Add a quiet mode for logging

Bill sharer

I'm currently using acpid on an HP Turion ML40 based laptop under gentoo as the acpid-1.0.6 ebuild. This uses the apcid-1.0.6.tar.gz tarball as is without any patches.

I'm not sure if this is a quirk of the ML40, but acpid handles a CPU0 processor event on the order of one every second or more. This results in about 3 LOG_INFO level messages going to the syslog, and the current software doesn't allow the logging level to be turned off or tuned.

The resulting datastorm rapidly fills both /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages and prevents any sort of battery mode conservation by spinning down the hard drive.

I've hacked my config as follows in order to provide a new q switch for quiet mode that only logs LOG_NOTICE or lower when enabled. I've also changed a couple of logging calls from LOG_INFO to LOG_NOTICE so that they would still appear. Logging runs as before if the switch is not supplied on startup.

I actually think that LOG_INFO level reports from events should be removed in favor of having the user do something with the triggers and scripts in /etc/acpid instead, but I guess you wouldn't see what a CLIENT may be up to.


diffs to acpid.c

> static int quiet = 0;
< acpid_log(LOG_INFO, "starting up\n");
> acpid_log(LOG_NOTICE, "starting up\n");
> if (quiet) acpid_log(LOG_NOTICE, "starting in quiet mode\n");
> {"quiet", 0, 0, 'q'},
< i = getopt_long(*argc, *argv, "c:de:fg:m:s:Svh", opts, NULL);
> i = getopt_long(*argc, *argv, "c:de:fg:m:q:s:Svh", opts, NULL);
> case 'q':
> quiet = 1;
> break;
< vsyslog(level, fmt, args);
> if ((level < LOG_INFO) || (!quiet))
> vsyslog(level, fmt, args);


diffs to event.c

< acpid_log(LOG_INFO, "%d rule%s loaded\n",
> acpid_log(LOG_NOTICE, "%d rule%s loaded\n",
< acpid_log(LOG_INFO, "%d client rule%s loaded\n",
> acpid_log(LOG_NOTICE, "%d client rule%s loaded\n"


  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2008-10-15

    Logging of events is off by default in the latest CVS version of the source (informally known as 1.0.7b1). This feature request can be closed as complete.

  • Tim Hockin

    Tim Hockin - 2008-10-29
    • status: open --> closed

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