Mika Laitio - 2006-12-08


I am working for porting Linux to iPAQ h6300 mobile phone and unlike most others PDA's we do not support APM for suspend/resume or battery information. http://aragorn.kortex.jyu.fi:8080/h6300/H6300_Boot.html

Instead we simply suspend the device by calling "echo mem > /sys/power/state" and can wake up automatically from the power button irq or form the serial port irq when we receive phone call.

I am now searching for a replacement tool from apmd which could currently handle the automatic suspend of device after a certain time of inactivity.
While I have worked for making drivers to suspend/resume ok, I am unfamiliar with the userpace suspend/resume APIs and specs.

I noticed that acpid can be configured to receive the powerbutton press but in addition I am looking for a suspend timer.
Can acpid notice (is it possible to get events from kernel) if user has not done anything for a while like pressed buttons or touched the touschreen, or played music or phone call is not going on.

In addition, we are getting the battery information from the gsm module by using at commands in userspace. Is there any standard method how I could pass this information to acpid from userspace. (Currently I have dbus-interface in our gsm application from where other apps like battery-monitor are querying the battery status.