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  • Jason Marshall

    Jason Marshall - 2004-04-24

    I would like to put forward the idea that acpid should come bundled with a set of default scripts for laptop users.  I believe that having reasonably complete versions out-of-the-box would be greatly beneficial to the state of Linux on the laptop.

    I have been attempting to construct my own acpid scripts in a fool-proof manner by, for instance, checking for the existence of optional binaries, sniffing the /proc tree, etc.  I think with a little more work, and some help from someone familiar with the Intel power-throttling functionality, that my scripts would serve as a reasonable baseline for a canonical set of power management scripts. 

    Additionally, I feel that this would be appropriate to add to directly to the acpid project, rather than treating it as a separate project for two reasons.  First, it would by necessity rely heavily on acpi and acpid.  Second, there are already an excessive number of patches, packages, and shell scripts that one must locate and download to configure many laptops correctly, and I feel that some consolidation is long overdue. 

    • Tim Hockin

      Tim Hockin - 2004-10-17

      I'd happily include such a thing, but it's not easy.  The actual events vary between systems.  Yuck.

      What I'd like to see (volunteers?) is an interactive too that uses acpi_listen to detect events and generate configs for the user.  For example:

      <run acpi_listen>
      echo Press the lid button now:
      <read the event>
      <generate a config fiel>
      echo Press a hotkey now:



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