Do you have RTC driver compiled and loaded? CONFIG_RTC in kernel .config?

From: [] On Behalf Of Ronald Wielink
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 12:30 AM
Subject: [ACPI] unable to set alam using echo to /proc/acpi/alarm

Dear all,
when I try setting the alarm to wake up my pc I get the following result:

[root@mithrandir acpi]# pwd
[root@mithrandir acpi]# cat alarm
2005-12-00 00:00:00
[root@mithrandir acpi]# echo 2005-12-15 17:18:19 > alarm
[root@mithrandir acpi]# cat alarm
2005-12-00 17:18:19
[root@mithrandir acpi]#

BTW, nothing happens at the echo'd date/time. Could someone please give me a clue where to start looking?  I'm running fedora core 4, my mobo is an ASUS P5S800-VM, the documentation on the motherboard states that ACPI is supported. There is an option to turn acpi 2.0 on, but no difference...

Any help is greatly appreciated!