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ACME Resource Pack Update for Minecraft 1.10.x

We did it! And boy howdy did we answer the … ahem, cherry picking … of certain textures that took place. Seriously guys, we appreciate the flattery, but this is becoming a habit.

We’ve covered every new texture in the Minecraft 1.10 “Frostburn Update” , of course, and you’ll appreciate Tumble’s charming humour with the new mobs. I took the nether brick block for a stroll and came back with a monster. You’ll see what I mean.... read more

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Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update. Has it been a year already?

Tumbleberry and I hit some new milestones this year (in addition to the texture pack exceeding two million downloads), and encountered new frustrations with our existing tools. Inkscape is a blessing to be certain, but when the artist has to compromise their own work for the sake of the tool, it's no longer doing its job. I am making the arduous transition to Illustrator so that our plans can go ahead uncompromised.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2016-05-09 Labels: update minecraft combat update minecraft 1.9 acme resource pack tumbleberry hastypixels download inkscape illustrator

Changelog: Update for Minecraft 1.8


-> bricks
-> leaves_acacia
-> leaves_big_oak
-> leaves_birch
-> leaves_jungle
-> leaves_oak
-> leaves_spruce
-> redstone_torch_off
-> redstone_torch_on
-> comparator_off
-> comparator_on
-> repeater_on
-> repeater_off


-> leaves_acacia_opaque
-> leaves_big_oak_opaque
-> leaves_birch_opaque
-> leaves_jungle_opaque
-> leaves_oak_opaque
-> leaves_spruce_opaque
-> skull_creeper
-> skull_skeleton
-> skull_steve
-> skull_wither
-> skull_zombie
-> rabbit_raw
-> rabbit_stew
-> rabbit_hide
-> rabbit_cooked
-> rabbit_foot
-> mutton_raw
-> mutton_cooked
-> item_frame
-> prismarine_shard
-> prismarine_crystals
-> door_jungle
-> door_dark_oak
-> door_spruce
-> door_birch
-> door_iron
-> door_acacia
-> banner_base
-> banner_overlay
-> wooden_armorstand
-> barrier
-> coarse_dirt
-> dirt1
-> dirt2
-> dirt3
-> sponge_wet
-> sea_lantern
-> sea_lantern.png.mcmeta
-> prismarine_rough
-> prismarine_rough.png.mcmeta
-> prismarine_dark
-> prismarine_bricks
-> water_still
-> iron_ore
-> red_sandstone_bottom
-> red_sandstone_carved
-> red_sandstone_normal
-> red_sandstone_smooth
-> red_sandstone_top
-> door_jungle_lower
-> door_jungle_upper
-> door_dark_oak_lower
-> door_dark_oak_upper
-> door_spruce_lower
-> door_spruce_upper
-> door_birch_lower
-> door_birch_upper
-> door_iron_lower
-> door_iron_upper
-> door_acacia_lower
-> door_acacia_upper
-> dirt1.json
-> dirt2.json
-> dirt3.json
-> dirt4.json
-> grass.json
-> red_sand.json
-> netherrack
-> sand.json
-> dirt.json
-> grass.json
-> red_sand.jspm
-> sand.json
-> banner_base
-> endermite
-> guardian
-> guardian_beam
-> guardian_elder
-> armorstand
-> alex
-> base
-> border
-> bricks
-> circle
-> creeper
-> cross
-> curly_border
-> diagonal_left
-> diagonal_right
-> diagonal_up_left
-> diagonal_up_right
-> flower
-> gradient
-> gradient_up
-> half_horizontal
-> half_horizontal_bottom
-> half_vertical
-> half_vertical_right
-> mojang
-> rhombus
-> skull
-> small_stripes
-> square_bottom_left
-> square_bottom_right
-> square_top_left
-> square_top_right
-> straight_cross
-> stripe_bottom
-> stripe_center
-> stripe_downleft
-> stripe_downright
-> stripe_left
-> stripe_middle
-> stripe_right
-> stripe_top
-> triangle_bottom
-> triangle_top
-> triangles_bottom
-> triangles_top
-> black
-> brown
-> caerbannog
-> gold
-> salt
-> toast
-> white
-> white_splotched
-> resource_packs
-> server_selection
-> stream_indicator
-> spectator_widget
-> pack
-> splashes
-> itemframe_background
-> sponge
-> dirt
-> farmland_dry
-> farmland_wet
-> grass_side
-> grass_side_snowed
-> grass_overlay
-> grass_top
-> redstone_block
-> redstone_dust_cross
-> redstone_dust_line
-> redstone_ore
-> claudron_top
-> claudron_bottom
-> claudron_side
-> coal_ore
-> diamond_ore
-> diamond_block
-> iron_ore
-> iron_block
-> emerald_ore
-> emerald_block
-> mycelium_side
-> coal
-> item_frame
-> diamond
-> iron_ingot
-> iron_axe
-> iron_pickaxe
-> iron_hoe
-> iron_sword
-> gold_ingot
-> gold_axe
-> gold_pickaxe
-> gold_hoe
-> gold_sword
-> gold_nugget
-> emerald
-> emerald_block
-> diamond_axe
-> diamond_pickaxe
-> diamond_hoe
-> diamond_sword
-> diamond_shovel
-> chicken
-> sheep
-> sheep_fur
-> pig... read more

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ACME Texture Pack and SourceForge

So many things have changed since the last update: We have our own homepage and hosting solution now, we have surpassed 100,000 downloads, had our textures and splash texts cherry-picked by Mojang in advance of its sale to Microsoft, just as others have.

Tumbleberry and I discussed the issue thoroughly, and in the end the experience is what matters, not paycheque. Clearly if it did, we wouldn't be making a modification for Minecraft. Now that Microsoft is assuming control, we are going to continue updating the texture pack. We are hopeful that Microsoft's expertise will improve Minecraft.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2014-09-23 Labels: minecraft microsoft updates bountiful update 1.8 community rally

ACME Pack + Snapshot 13w38c + Dev Thoughts

Bear with me, this may get a little technical.

Mojang has been busy incorporating both Optifine and MCPatcher features into Minecraft. Even now the video settings windows looks suspiciously similar. Shaders and vastly improved responsiveness is a more than welcome improvement. This new snapshot feels so smooth I don't want to play Minecraft 1.6 anymore.

I'm eager for the new release. I can honestly say we weren't thrilled with the last, but it turned out for the best. This time we are thrilled to be working on 1.7 - we're upping the ante too. 64x resolution may not cut it.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-09-21 Labels: snapshot 13w38c mincraft pre-1.7 acme pack resource christmas shaders features on hold mcpatcher optifine

September 2013 Update + Christmas Pack

Updating ACME Pack via SourceForge is increasingly unreliable, and updates are lagging behind our greatest traffic generator, - the players are busy playing, and that's what this game is about.

A recent unforced hardware upgrade has enabled me to test the highest resolution of the ACME Pack. I won't assume there aren't bugs just because I don't hear about them. We're doing our best to support it.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-09-20 Labels: september update christmas pack 2013

August Update & Repair

Sourceforge got all the updates last this time, because when it comes down to it SF was the most time consuming to update. Logistically this will require some sorting out - as our monthly downloads increase we have to figure out the best hosting solution, because SF and MediaFire aren't cutting it.

We have updated the pack for August, including new roses, "endcut" trap doors, new flowing water, horse GUI elements and the very important enchantment table glyphs. Also, as a bonus all of the MCPatcher custom color features added in the "August Repair" which followed the update are included.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-08-14 Labels: august update mcpatcher all versions custom colors random mobs trap door flowing water roses enchantment table glyphs

Texture Pack Transform and Roll Out!

I promise that's the last time I... no. I won't promise that. We'd planned to be much closer to the release of Minecraft 1.6 than we are, but we've arrived and that's what matters. There's something to be said for giving your best.

No chance were we going to release a half-finished product. It's a terrible trend in the texture/resource community. Tumbleberry and I see it as a lack of confidence and peer support, and not the digital kind. That's not enough. It's also an excuse for Mojang to slack in providing much needed support to the creative work they benefit from.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-07-13 Labels: minecraft 1.6 horses shame bad design good release hard work pretty horses creativity

Unavoidable Issues +Version Update

While on the road to the first release of ACME Pack for Minecraft 1.6 we've run into a few unavoidable technical issues:

  • lead rope is not texture-modifiable in vanilla Minecraft. The only solution appears to be to use MCPatcher for this
  • spider and enderman eyes cause visual inconsistencies we can't account for. Thus we're removing them entirely. In our pack they aren't necessary to increase the mobs' visibility... read more
Posted by hastypixels 2013-07-10 Labels: minecraft 1.6 known issues technical glitches whyunofixmojang? wat ARGH

ACME Pack 64x "Flavor"

The 64x resolution version of the ACME Pack for Minecraft 1.5 is now available.

Get it here:

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-28 Labels: ACME Pack 64x Freshly pressed

Projected releases of 64x and ACME Pocket Pack

64x is back up on the board, as it doesn't detract enough from the intent of the ACME Pack. We will be rolling out versions of this resolution for Minecraft 1.5.x and 1.6, respectively. Meanwhile, ACME Pocket Pack is on hold until the release of Minecraft 1.6 on July 1st.

Until then, ta!

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-27 Labels: 64x resolution Minecraft 1.5 and 1.6 ACME Pocket Pack Coming Soon

Totaldooting Unrelated

Watch Minecraft Dooting Survival.

Look it up on Youtube.



Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-25 Labels: dooting survival quasi-unrelated freestyleomg what the doot

256x Updated to v1.59

As the title says. 512x is next. Our upstream bandwidth is really quite laughable. ^^


Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-24 Labels: 256x updated to v1.59 faster snow upstream humour

Playing with ACME Pack

Blazebug and I have been playing survival with the ACME Pack, and it's worth noting that doing so is prompting some pre-1.6 changes, such as thinning out snow. We're rolling out these changes because snow has a significant impact on framerate. (As in yours might suffer, as mine did.)

Who knew 128x was so demanding?

As always 256x and 512x will be updated as soon as the uploads complete.

Don't forget to share and like us on facebook!

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-24 Labels: pre-1.6 updates thinned snow all versions improving framerates

Final Fixes and Works In Progress

Dead grass and crashes no longer. The 256x and 512x versions of the ACME Pack are updated. Unless I hear from you I expect that will be the last update of these packs until 1.6 are released. Which, by the way, is in progress. We're making some hard decisions to counter the odd design choices at Mojang.

It's "dun", not "creamy". That's "creepy", not "creeper".

ACME Pocket Pack is also in progress.

Finally we are developing a new showcase website to better display our packs unique features.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-21 Labels: creepy creamy horse-nots 256x 512x updates 1.58 1.6 WIPs ACME Pocket Pack Minecraft Mobile Edition

Minor updates, ACME Pocket Pack

If you're using the ACME Pack 256x 1.44 I'm sure you've noticed that the grass is well, dead looking. We're on it.

Meanwhile we're developing the mobile edition of the ACME Pack, which will be easier to test, thankfully, and should arrive with few - if any - bugs. I hope to have that ready by the end of the week.

Finally, re-organization of the pack for Minecraft 1.6 has begun. When we understand better how the horses are put together we'll begin work on those. Random mob at core level supported, eh, Mojang? We can hope!... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-18 Labels: ACME Pocket Pack Dead-ish Grass 256x 1.6 in progress

Missing File and Version Update

Missing a mushroom or two? We've located the missing mushroom texture and have applied a fix in version 1.44. 128x is available now, and as always 256x and 512x are on the way.

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-15 Labels: missing a mushed room v1.44 version update the mushroom update

Identified Missing/Broken Files

So already we've identified a couple of issues that we will address in the next release as soon as next week. If you've noticed the Milk Bucket and clashing armor items appearing in the GUI screens, we're on it.

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-14 Labels: issues we've got 'em patches soon

Full Release at Version 1.39

Short trip between beta to full release and a full .39 steps from 1.0! We've done it, and so has Mojang with a total overhaul of the modification system associated with texture packs. Now called "resource packs" nearly all aspect of Minecraft will be accessible to the player. This means the splashes.txt we'd hoped to modify is as well, and in tests of the snapshot format, works just fine. It's mollifying that I won't have to learn java to write a mod for it. That's another thanks we owe them.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-14 Labels: v1.39 update release 128x 256x 512x

Version 1.0 and Resolution Support

We're done, and now rendering our files for all supported resolutions. Expect an update... tomorrow, with all files complete.

After that... Minecraft Mobile!

Ta for now!

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-12 Labels: release v1.0 resolution support 32x 64x 128x 256x 512x

Version Update +Panorama

We owe a lot of gratitude to many, and when the texture pack is released, included will be a "credits.txt" taking due note of all who helped us reach our goal. Most recently, Dayanto's Panorama Kit ( took all the pain out of creating the oh-so-necessary files for our pack's panorama. Thanks to him we're all the closer to release.

Until the release day I will be updating this blog more frequently for those associated with the project.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-10 Labels: dayanto's panorama kit pre-beta updated v0.624

Version Update + Doot

v0.618 folks, on the cusp of switching to beta mode, during which we plan to quality check our textures, square out all the edges, and prepare for the official release! Has it been nearly three months already?

Most certainly yes.

Coincidentally we have asked FreestyleOMG aka "Doot" to review our texture pack during the beta process. We're hoping to have a video review to push out with the public release of the texture pack. We've been very pleased with his work and his charming personality, and we're glad to associate with him.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-06-08 Labels: doot freestyleomg v0.618 pre-beta almost time

Version Update and Beta

Here we are, another update closer to release. Counting files doesn't always give a clear impression of progress. We've arrived at v0.578, which leaves less than ten textures to complete.

However, that does not mean you'll be seeing any downloads. Once complete we will be entering the beta phase, during which we will be testing and examining all of our textures for accuracy, consistency and compatibility.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-05-20 Labels: v0.578 approaching beta version update currently alpha testing soon lookin' good

Bi-Weekly File Count and Version Update

We completed a review of the 587 files in the 1.5.x release of Minecraft's texturepack. There are a handful we won't be covering, since they're either "red herrings" or not implemented. Amazingly, since our last count, we've skyrocketed through over 100 textures. At v0.521, only 66 textures remain.


That puts us at approximately 89% complete, if you want to see a percentage. What's left? Half a dozen mobs, a few animations... and other stuff. Tools, weapons, armor, minerals and building materials are complete. Important stuff, right?... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-05-12 Labels: 1.6 1.5.x v0.521 major update 89% release plans direct download ad-support 1.0 on the way horseknees?

Annoyances: "Quartz" and the flu +version update

Deliberating just what to do with the so-called material dubbed "quartz". We had some conflict over it's real world attributes and the manner in which it is implemented as a material in Minecraft, because it affects how we will portray the substance.

No spoilers, naturally, but we're pleased with the result. Since I'm on record now - I'll say we're defying the rules to some extent, since quartz does not a viable building material make. It does not occur in large enough pieces.... read more

Posted by hastypixels 2013-04-30 Labels: v0.410 quartz = marble flu annoyances records unlearned geeks? version update blazebug

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