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QueryDACL v1.5 Released

QueryDACL v1.5 includes the ability to query desktops on windowstations other than the default winsta0.

Posted by Adrian 2009-05-04

QueryDACL v1.4 Released

A new version of the QueryDACL tool is now available for download. QueryDACL allows you to quickly and easily see which accounts have what level of access to a particular securable Windows object such as a file, service, windowstation, etc, without the need to right-click or open any GUI.

New to version 1.4 is the ability to query the dacl of the Service Control Manager on Windows Server 2003 and above bringing the number of securable object types covered to 15. Also, improvements have been made to the UI output in regards to the handling of remote objects, as well as to general reliability of the application.... read more

Posted by Adrian 2009-03-01

QueryDACL v1.3 Released

The third revision of QueryDACL has been released. This adds process and thread tokens to the list of Windows' securable objects that can be queried.

Posted by Adrian 2009-01-26

ModDACL v1.0 Released

The ModDACL utility is now ready for download.

ModDACL allows you to add ACE's to securable objects allowing or denying access for any computer or network account or group. It also allows you to clear all entries from a DACL, allowing everybody full access. Generic rights are supported along with every individual right specified within the Windows API.

The binary and source files can be found on the files page

Posted by Adrian 2006-09-21

QueryDACL v1.0 Released

QueryDACL version 1.0 has now been released on Sourceforge

Given the name of a file, registry key, pipe, mutex, process, thread, etc. QueryDACL will list the general and specific access rights for each ACE found in the object's DACL and which computer/domain account it applies to and whether the access is allowed or denied.

Both the binary and source packages are available from the project's file page @

Posted by Adrian 2006-08-05

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