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网络与服务器编程框架库 acl_3.0.12 发布

acl 3.0.12 版本 (项目主页:, 技术文章主页: 发布了,acl 是 one Advanced C/C++ library 的简称,主要包括网络通信库以及服务器框架库等功能,支持 Linux/Windows 平台;整个 acl 项目主要包含三个函数库:lib_acl(纯C开发的最基础库,主要包含网络通信及服务器编程框架以及其它丰富的功能)、lib_protocol(包含 HTTP/PING/SMTP 通信协议的C语言实现)、lib_acl_cpp(基于 lib_acl 及 lib_protocol 两个C库,提供了更为强大的编程接口及丰富的功能类);本次 acl 升级除了一些常见 bug 修复外,主要针对 ACL 的通信模块增加了 UDP 的通信能力,同时增加了 UDP 服务器通信模板。... read more

Posted by zhengshuxin 2013-10-03

support MAC OS

acl project has supported MAC OS now.

Posted by zhengshuxin 2012-09-29

xml parser added to acl

One new xml parser was added to ACL now, which has many functions parsing and operating the xml file. And, the xml parser of acl can also parsing the streaming xml data, which can be used in no-block networking program.

Posted by zhengshuxin 2010-07-24

acl 2.1.0 verstion release now!

The acl2.1.0 has been released now, which added many good functions, with performance improvement and some bugs fixed.

Posted by zhengshuxin 2010-01-19

acl 2.1.0 rc1 release

ACL 2.1.0 rc1 release now. In this version, there are so many features were added and many bugs were fixed. SSL supporting is the main feature of this version, you can easily write SSL application with ACL's ACL_VSTREAM and SSL modules; ZDB, the fast digit-key storage was added into ACL now, it support very large scale data store with very fast speed and no performance decreasing when data count being increasing.

Posted by zhengshuxin 2009-09-22

acl project's website

Hi, I spent half a day to write some help for the
acl project, which is just one part of the acl's
documents. The doc decribes the proccess pool server
framework's usage.

Posted by zhengshuxin 2007-04-22

acl(the Advanced C Library)

One smart C library on UNIX-like OS, which includes
ACL_VSTREAM for TCP/IP SOCKET, multi-processes and
muti-thread spool, unit C test library, general
configure file like xinetd's configure parser....

Posted by zhengshuxin 2007-02-11

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