lsdvd problems

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've installed acidrip 0.9 successfully but when I do ./configure for lsdvd I get this:

    checking for DVDOpen in -ldvdread... no
    configure: error: libdvdread not found!

    mplayer and dvdread are installed and working fine.

    locate dvdread

    Not sure why it won't work..

    echo $PATH

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      got the same problem and can't find a solution.
      i am using a suse 8.2 sitribution with preinstalled libdvdread in /usr/lib
      edited /etc/ and included /usr/lib and executed ldconfig but no change

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      same problem here. Using Mandrake 9.2, libdvdread is properly installed.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      same here also, but with RedHat 9, added /usr/lib to PATH and have libdvdread installed along with mplayer, but when i run ./configure for lsdvd it reports that it can't find libdvdread...

      please help.....  someone?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had the same problem installing on Fedora 3. I poked around in the configure script, and noticed that it was looking for a specific .h file. I started to think I would have to install from source.

      After some more stumbling around, I did a yum install of libdvdread-devel from the DAG repository, and all was well!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I fixed this by manually editing the configure file. The correct fix is obviously in the rather than manually changing configure, but I don't understand autoconf/automake so I didn't go there :-)

      Anyway, if you search through the configure file for two consecutive lines containing:
          #include <dvdread/ifo_read.h>
          #include <stdint.h>

      Simply swap these two lines round, so that stdint.h is included before the dvdread headers.


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