trouble installing, perl Makefile.PL

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I try to create the makefile, while checking for mplayer, mplayer opens and an error box popsup saying "Failed to open /home/mykilx/DVDstuff/acidrip-0.12/2" It just sits there till I close mplayer, and then i get an this error;
    "Running additional test to be sure acidrip will work
    test for lsdvd: found
    test for MPlayer: Not Found!

    AcidRip is based around the MPlayer video player. it has not been found on
    your current path. Install it from http://mplayerhq/hu see INSTALL.html or
    INSTALL for installation instructions."

    mplayer is definatley in my path. "which mplayer
    "echo $PATH /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:etc..."

    I looked for "2" in the acidrip tree, and didn't find it. I did however find "1" and in that file is this;
    "Linux RTC init error in ioctl (rtc_irqp_set 1024): Permission denied
    File not found: '/home/mykilx/DVDstuff/acidrip-0.12/2'
    Failed to open /home/mykilx/DVDstuff/acidrip-0.12/2"
    I followed trickykid's install tutorial.
    ANy idea's whats going on?
    PS i get the same error as root.

    • Chris Phillips

      Chris Phillips - 2004-02-11

      this will be baeacuse you are using mplayer incorrectly and have gui = yes set in the config. this is WRONG, you should open the mplayer gui using "gmplayer" the gui = yes setting is for mplayer developers only.

      from your message i also noticed a stupid mistake in my makefile (hence the 1 and 2 files) and will update version 0.12 accordingly.



    • Frank Black

      Frank Black - 2004-02-11

      Damnit I knew that would cause me trouble. Do i have to recompile mplayer now, or is there something else I can do?
      Thanx for the quick reply :)

      That was me up there btw.

    • Frank Black

      Frank Black - 2004-02-12

      doh I just reread your post. I'll take that out of my config and see what happens.
      Thanks :)


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