1 file = perfect, 2 files = ack!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have encoded a few xvid files with acidrip 0.10 that all look lovely.

    But now I have done my first encoding with acidrip where I asked it to make two files. It did make two files, but the entire video looks like on both files:


    The audio is fine and perfectly synced...

    I used Xvid as I always do. Sadly I did not save hte log file because I am used to it working fine :).

    This video was done with a high bits/pixel rate because of the 2 files (0.251).

    I know it is probably not possible to tell what happened without log files etc but from the looks of it do you have any guesses what I may have done wrong? I guess there is not hope of fixing it eh?!

    Thanks either way, WONDERFUL PROGRAM you have made here! Just fantastic!

    • Chris Phillips

      Chris Phillips - 2003-09-17

      sorry i didn't reply sooner.

      all i can think is that it would be an issue with the actual dimensions of the file, as i really can't see any way it could be related to the fact that it was two files. MPlayer state that cropping and scaling values need to be multiples of 4 etc... but mplayer adds this constraint in itself adjusting dubious values automatically afaik... what command was actually running there?


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