Mencoder output not parsed and displayed

  • Rory McCann

    Rory McCann - 2006-04-09

    Acid Rip (version 0.14) is able to rip a DVD fine, but while ripping it looks like it's not doing anything. The 'Encoding Status' section gives zero for everything. Zero FPS, zero file size, zero minutes left until it's finished. The progress bar remains empty. I have to view the debug info to find out how the rip is progressing.

    • Coogan

      Coogan - 2006-06-17

      I'm having the same problem and would much appreciate a solution.



      • Nobody/Anonymous

        same here

        slackware 10.2


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Same problem, im sure this used to work some time ago

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Same here with Dapper.  Does a good job though, thanks.

    • Kevin A.

      Kevin A. - 2006-08-25

      I too have been trying to find a fix for this.  While searching google for the past few days I found this link:

      And at the bottom of the page there is another link to a patch that fixes the status problem.

      Re: Encoding progress always zeros from Paulus Esterhazy at 2006-08-05 13:12:13 UTC

      Attached patch fixes the display of encoding progress.

      This is from a Ubuntu source, but it should work just fine on any linux.

      I used it to patch Acidrip-0.14 running on my  Fedora Core 5 machine, and it works perfectly.

      Thanks to Paulus Esterhazy on the above mentioned site for posting this fix.

      If you have never installed a patch before, you should be able to download the patch to any directory, and then follow these steps.

      If you have, then you can probably skip this part.

      You can issue this command to see if the patch is going to work, without changing Acidrip:

      patch -p1 --dry-run < acidrip-fix-mencoder-output.diff

      This command should all be on one line, with a space between < and acidrip.

      If it prompts you with "File to patch:" you can put in the entire directory path to the file, mine was located here:


      Just issue a locate command if you aren't sure where yours is located: locate

      After hitting enter, if no error messages come up, the test was successful.

      Now to really patch the file, type the command:

      patch -p1 < acidrip-fix-mencoder-output.diff

      and again put in the directory path to your file and hit enter, and your Acidrip should be patched.

      Again, thanks to Paulus Esterhazy for the fix.


      • Kevin A.

        Kevin A. - 2006-08-26

        In my original post, I also forgot to thank Chris Phillips (acid_kewpie) for writing this great application in the first place. So thanks Chris.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Thanks for the instructions Kevin, worked like a charm!


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