WTF? install/compile direx?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i'm a geek, yes i am.
    got cygwin, most utils, mplayer/mencoder + MPUI.

    this is junky -- where's the INSTALL.txt or README.txt?
    i didn't find any "how to setup" thread in forums.

    after spiralling around with perl Maakefile.PL
    various zcat [blah] | tar xf -
    it just remains unable to pretty much do anything.

    why in they heck would Wired mag (how i found this)
    think this is at all cool?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      your clearly a moron.

      "I'm a geek yes I am" - is that some sort of cool status thing ?

      There is information on the website on places acid rip is pre-packaged and documentation all over the place on how to build it.

      Not the best geek if you can't read the website


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