Audio / Video sync

  • gnuhitch

    gnuhitch - 2004-11-08

    I'm thrilled with Acidrip, the ease of use and the quality of the output is super.  Except my audio is about slightly behind the video, only about .5-1 second, but I notice it.  Any ideas on how I can fix that?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      this a bug in mplayer which the mplayer developers kindly refuse to acknowledge exists. Each time i, or anyone else afaik, attempts to raise the fact that there is frequently a 200ms delay in the audio, they try to pin it on dodgy sound drivers.

      it's posibly to use the -af delay filter to move the sound later on purpose, but not the other direction,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello, very good program, easy to use, I like :)

      I had too the problem with audio / video sync but with some tracks of a DVD, not all. And after a quickly test under Windows XP ( :-D I know, I know....), It appear there is no desynchronisation with audio.

      So.... Mplayer's Dev have a strange attitude.... ! Don't understand why they would not correct this... We run under Linux, not under Windows :(

    • Jeff Carr

      Jeff Carr - 2005-04-24

      Yes, I always see this on xine playback. (hit m to about .32 makes it perfect).

      I've tried a zillion things over time to try to repair this. most  notably by converting the final .avi file to a .ogm file. In the process, I convert the audio stream into a wav file, cut a bit off the front, normalize the audio, then compress it with oggenc and merge the streams back into a .ogm file. This works fairly well but that is annoying. Maybe it's just the only way. Anyway, ogg media file format is superior anyway.

    • Jeff Carr

      Jeff Carr - 2005-04-24

      here is a script to do that post processing to a .ogm format:

      mplayer "$1.avi" -vc dummy -vo null -ao pcm -waveheader -aofile outfile.wav
      # hardcode the aplitude or gain if it is still too quiet
      # normalize-audio -vvv --amplitude=-15dbFS outfile.wav
      # normalize-audio -vvv --gain=15dB outfile.wav
      normalize-audio -vvv outfile.wav
      sox outfile.wav test.wav trim 10 30
      oggenc -q 6 outfile.wav
      ogmmerge -o "$1.ogm" -A "$1.avi" outfile.ogg
      rm -f outfile.*

    • seddah

      seddah - 2005-05-23

      the problem of ogm is that it won't play at all on any dvd/divx player.......
      It seems to me that the only solution I've found was to
      to manually set the delay (using the - and + key)
      but it didn't happen so often...

      most of the time using autosync and framedrop and the sound is fine......

    • Jeff Carr

      Jeff Carr - 2005-05-27

      The other option seems to be to add "-ofps 23.976" to the mencoder line. That might clear up the audio/video sync problem.

    • Michael

      Michael - 2005-05-28

      I found a fix for this... encoding using lavc audio instead pf mp3lib. Works the treat :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If this is the case then perhaps the problem does not lie with mplayer?


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