Segfault on loading disc

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Acidrip recently started segfaulting everytime I try to load a disc. The error message is as follows ...

    Pango-WARNING **: shape engine failure, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Bitstream Vera Sans 0' at /usr/bin/acidrip line 60.
    Segmentation fault

    Running version 0.14 on Gentoo. Anyone have any ideas on this bug? It looks like acidrip is trying to use Bitsream Vera Sans font size 0 for the listing of tracks and it doesn't like that.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Anyone familiar with this problem at all?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I'm getting the same results. Can't seem to find the answer anywhere on the net. :-(

    • Lady Cuddles

      Lady Cuddles - 2007-05-21

      I dont know why, but, just recently, I started to get the exact same error, but, mine is a little more detailed... Same font, just a different sizing and parameter issue...

      acidrip worked fine, until recently. Just tried to use it, and it comes up with the error below, and then crashes. I have tried to uninstall/purge acidrip, and reinstall - no resolve.

      I just did a current dist-upgrade of my Debian SID install, and acidrip is current. I also installed a new kernel, didnt solve either...

      cuddles@neo:~$ acidrip
      AcidRip message - No configuration file found, nevermind.
      Pango-WARNING **: shape engine failure, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Bitstream Vera Sans Not-Rotated 0' at /usr/bin/acidrip line 60.
      Segmentation fault

      Sure would be nice to use this program again, it was my first choice for ripping, and hasnt failed me until now...

      Any and all assistance, would be greatly appreciated :D

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      fc-cache -v

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I tried fc-cache -v and cleared out all the font caches, but it still returns the segfault when I try to load the disc.


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