Is this project dead?

  • Gentoo Roxx

    Gentoo Roxx - 2006-10-17

    Hmm no updates since 2005? is this dead?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      not officially no, but i have to admit that my interest in continuing development has been sidelined a lot. I have a new version 0.16 finished, as far as i can remember, but i've not touched that in over a year either. the new version may work and has some new features but i've not got the time to properly test it and upload it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it was the faster and more usable i've used

      sad to see it fall

      now i use dvdrip:: many possibilities but so slow...

      oh, i use dvdrip because acid don't crop and show progress anymore

      anyway thank for this :)

    • Gentoo Roxx

      Gentoo Roxx - 2006-10-31

      Ohh tahts sucks this is the best ripper frontend for mencoder in linux also now with later versions of mplayer/mencoder 3 pass encoding wont work more it looks like, cause the 2 pass puts the ac3 on the final output file.. I hope yopu will continue with this :)

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-01-14

    I know this is an ancient thread, but I hope you are still monitoring the forums here AcidKewpie.   AcidRip is by far the best DVD ripper I have found for LInux, and Linux is all I run.  AcidRip is an indispensible tool I use almost every day, but it no longer works properly in the latest versions of Kubuntu.  Please tell me you are going to update it!  I'll keep my old Hardy Heron based Klikit Linux install around just for ripping DVDs if I have to, but it would sure be nice to have the option of ripping them on Kubuntu 11.10, which I now use as my every-day OS.    Ben

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-01-16

    Sorry dude, nothing changing. I've a family now, and a career and all that. I also have no access to the old account to properly reply!


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