• Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-12-13

    I like acidrip.. its a little hard to get used to, but its a hella lot nicer than the commandline to mencoder ;)


    *. if you are not going to use the libdvdkit that comes with mplayer, then you should encorperate the code directly into acidrip??? (sorry I am not really a programmer.. I dont know if thats not possible)

    *  definately needs to have easy ability to split up dvd's into "files" of a certian size... if you just choose to encode a 3 hr movie, you either get poor quality or a HUGE file :p

    * on the ability to select multiple chapters, you might want to include (somehow) a field that says how long the selected recording is (so it would be easier to select approximately half or whatever)


    • Chris Phillips

      Chris Phillips - 2002-12-13

      wooo message number 2! this place is on fire! :)

      right then, it's not that i wouldn't like to use the mplayer libdvdread hack as it would elliminate some dependencies, but it's not possible for a number of reasons. firstly it's a hack that ends up relying on the mplayer code itself so can't be seperated. Obviosuly this is not a concern of mplayer as they did this hack for themselves so that's fine. It's just not possible to use the code by another app, it will always fail due to some pretty petty variables missing. Also the libs are always statically linked by default. i.e. libmpdvdkit2 is INSIDE mplayer and mencoder, that's why they're 2.5mb each. it's possible to change a setting in the mplayer makefile (documented acutally) which will make it link dynamically but this would be much more involved to install acidrip than simply chucking in an extra library, libdvdread. It'd be nice, but the mplayer guys have no reason or interest in making this possbile.

      Also as a matter of correctness, it's lsdvd that uses libdvdread, not acidrip. I suppose I could always create an lsdvd rpm statically linked to dvdread so you wouldn't need it, but i don't like that idea really.

      splitting a file. I had a bit of a eurekz moment when i thought about adding code to automatically split a film by chapters and such like, and it's certainly possible and an attractive feature, although i've not really given much time to how it would work. It would certainly maek it a more complicated beaat to deal with, but i think it would be worth it. it is certianly on a todo somewhere.

      chapter time. yes I agree, that's pretty trivial, especially as i already do it anyway, just not in HH:MM::SS format, but yeah that should appear soon.

      thanks for the feedback, keep it erm.. dribbling in!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      the INSTALL file is incomplete can you see what happen?

      • Chris Phillips

        Chris Phillips - 2003-06-26

        Hmm, not sure whay that's not all there... either way that is a bit out of date, written for version 0.3. Thanks for letting me know.

        • Chris Phillips

          Chris Phillips - 2003-06-26

          FYI the INSTALL.html is complete

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      after read INSTALL.html :), I tested and I like it
      it's clean && beautiful!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks, 0.10 (gtk2) should be out soon, just tieing up loose ends.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      acidrip is grate!! but it need .vob encoding to be complete ;)

      Great work, byeee!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for this great program. I use an Ibook G4 with Debian Sid and it works perfectly :-)


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-07-18

      Hi there,

      I have a linux system running in textmode, becease it does all things my windows clients cannot do properly :-)

      I would like to add a feature to putin a vob file into a directory and that mpg or avi comes out in another directory.

      I read that this program is GUI, maybe a nice feature to make it command prompt alike?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great look and feel ... !

      Just started with acidrip. Loads, shows chapters, everything okay.
      Except, it doesn't rip.

      AcidRip message - No configuration file found, nevermind.
      AcidRip message - AcidRip 0.12, "Written" by C.Phillips <>
      AcidRip message - Loading DVD... please wait

      AcidRip message - DVD read ok
      AcidRip message - Pushed events onto queue
      AcidRip message - Output directory does not exist!
      AcidRip message - Playlist contains 0 item(s)
      AcidRip message - Playlist completed
      AcidRip message - Encoding finished, hope it worked...

      I have no idea about that playlist-thing. It does Preview nicely, and then shows

      Selected Track 1 - 1:42:11

      and when I press Start, that is what I get.
      AFAIK, the output directory exists (it automatically uses my directory under /home/ as Filename %T.

      Where's my mistake ?? (Debian Testing)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Seriously... could it possibly ever be any more obvious??!?!!?

        "AcidRip message - Output directory does not exist!"

        what do you think that might mean?!?!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I might have answered similarly, so no offence taken.
      I assume it talks about the place where to write the file; plus %T for title. It defaults to my home-directory, which exists, is writable by me.

      This is why I 'dared' to ask.

      $ pwd
      $ echo "This writes" > show.write
      $ cat show.write
      This writes

      is not writable ?


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