#34 DVD can be ejected in the middle of the queue

Rory McCann

If one selects 'Eject DVD' in the settings then one
would like the DVD to be ejected after ripping. However
if you're using a queue to rip many titles from the DVD
at the same time the DVD will be ejected after ripping
the first item in the queue. Acid Rip will halt the
queue because it can't find the DVD.

Example of bug:

Insert DVD, enable 'Eject DVD' in setting menu. Add
several titles to the queue. Start ripping

What should happen:

All the titles in the queue should be ripped and then
the DVD should eb ejected.

What actually happens:

After the first title is ripped, the DVD is eject. The
rest of the titles can't be ripped because there is no
DVD in the drive.

Why this is a problem:

DVD ripping can take a long time. A common approach is
to leave a DVD ripping overnight. If only the first
item is ripped a lot of time is wasted. The annoys the

A temporary solution:

Disable 'eject DVD', and add items to the queue. Enable
'Eject DVD' only for the last item on the queue.


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