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AChecker 1.2 Released

AChecker 1.2 Released
March 3, 2011

AChecker 1.2 has been released. This version includes a few new features, and has had some significant optimization work done so accessibility reports are generated much faster.

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* *New Features in AChecker 1.2* *
*Guideline Report View*: In addition to reports listing potential accessibility problems line-by-line, reports can now be generated that list potential barriers grouped by the accessibility guideline they are associated with. ... read more

Posted by Greg Gay 2011-03-03

AChecker 1.1 Released

*AChecker 1.1 Released*
February 2, 2011

AChecker 1.1 has been released. AChecker is a free open source Web content accessibility evaluator used to assess Web pages for conformance with international accessibility standards. This release adds a number of significant new features. Thanks to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bologna, Italy, for their contributions to this release.... read more

Posted by Greg Gay 2011-02-02

AChecker 1.0 Released

June 5, 2009

AChecker is a free Open Source Web Content Accessibility Checker. Web content authors, webmasters, application developers, and others who create content for the Web can use AChecker to ensure the information they post will be accessible to everyone.

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Posted by Greg Gay 2009-06-05

AChecker 0.5 Beta Released

AChecker is a Web accessibility evaluator, used to review Web sites to ensure they will be accessible to people with disabilities. This is probably the last Beta release of AChecker before the final 1.0 release. Feedback and bug reports should be submitted before the end of May, 09.



Here's a list of features you'll find in this release:... read more

Posted by Greg Gay 2009-04-15

AChecker 0.2 Beta Released

The second development release of AChecker is now available. AChecker is a Web accessibility evaluation tool that tests Web sites for conformance with various international accessibility guidelines. This version is released primarily for curiosity and testing purposes, leading up to a 1.0 release in the coming months.

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Posted by Greg Gay 2009-02-02