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AcerHK GUI / News: Recent posts

Displex - Updated to ver 0.8.1

Our sister project -- Displex -- was recently updated. A couple of years ago, changes to Ubuntu and other distributions led to the package no longer working. Version 0.8 removed a lot of this, updated to AppIndicator3, and GTK3. Doesn't appear to be a "news" option for that project...


Posted by M-C 2015-03-15


Needing feedback. Made a few changes to the program. Requesting feedback. Identified need to update "dependency" for program and identified an issue with updating user's system.

Request feedback on this program and information to help improve the process of updating the user's system to automatically start the driver at boot time.

Posted by M-C 2015-03-05

AcerHK GUI - Bug Fix

Error discovered with previous package and code. This version fixes those. Additional maintenance release will be issues if new bugs are reported/discovered and fixed.

Posted by M-C 2015-02-16

AcerHK GUI - New Maintenance Release and Updates

AcerHK GUI was posted. This was a maintenance release in order to support installation dependencies. It should install and run; however, if you have issues, please request support. Sub-projects have also been updated:
- New Cinnamon Applet.
- Posted updated installation script with driver source code.
- Links to latest driver source code.

A major rewrite of AcerHK GUI is starting soon.

Please see the projects Wiki for more information.

Posted by M-C 2015-02-16

New Release: AcerHK GUI 0.7.2

The new release adds driver build from source. This should GREATLY simplify installation for those users that need the acerhk.ko kernal module / driver.


Ubuntu Forums:

Posted by M-C 2010-08-21

AcerHK GUI 0.7.1 BETA

Version 0.7.1 is BETA. Main change is to "attempt" to automate installation of the acerhk.ko file. This beta requires build-essentiala and headers. It is hopefully smart enough to download source, install required dependencies, compile driver and install it. This should now work for both 32 and 64-bit systems. If you download the beta files posted at the following link, please provide feedback.... read more

Posted by M-C 2010-04-29

AcerHK GUI version 0.7 Released

New version downloads and installs the acerhk.ko module that is missing in latest ubuntu 9.10 release. No other changes. This will hopefully help some users out.

CAUTION to 64-bit users. Module downloaded is 32-bit.

Posted by M-C 2009-11-10

AcerHK GUI -- v.0.6 Released!

Version 0.6 has been released. This release focuses on configuring the system for use with acerhk. It will run modprobe, and if successful, offer to add to the /etc/modules file. This is a very simple task for most Linuxers; however, for new users, this should be very beneficial. Key enhancements: Checks for modprobe success; Alerts if modprobe unsuccessful; if modprobe success, added option to modify the /etc/modules file; and checks to see if /etc/modules already has 'acerhk' in it and if so, will not add again; Notifies user of possible problem that the module is in 'modules' but isn't loaded. FEEDBACK HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!

Posted by M-C 2009-06-23

AcerHK GUI -- v.0.5 released!

Version 0.5 of the AcerHK GUI is now released and available for download on SourceForge! The new version has a little functionality over the previous version. Key enhancements:
- Now runs modprobe if driver not found.
- Preferences now saved to configuration file. (~/.config/acerhkgui/)
- Able to browse for driver location in rare case it is not located in default location (/proc/driver/acerhk)... read more

Posted by M-C 2009-06-20

AcerHK GUI New Release -- v.0.4


Have finally released version 0.4. I did not get it to the point I wanted for this release, but feel that the redesigned GUI that takes up less space was in and of itself sufficient cause for release. The new release is GTK based instead of wxWidgets.

While, I have not make changes to the path persistent when changed from the GUI, changes remain in effect until the GUI is closed. This will be the main change to look forward to in v.0.5... read more

Posted by M-C 2009-04-06

AcerHK GUI -- Update

The next release of AcerHK GUI is still in the works. Project progress is continuing. The follwing are expected to be incorporated in the v.0.4 release:

* Re-designed GUI using pyGTK / GLADE
* Incorporation of Configuration Dialog
* GUI Notification of acerhk driver not found
* Other features -- Possibly :)

Target release date is 31 MAR 09

Posted by M-C 2009-03-16

Acer Hot Key GUI (acerhkgui) -- 100th Download

Well, I am very happy to say that the AcerHK has achieved its 100th download in just over 30 days. Nothing makes me happier as a NEW developer than to have written a utility that is being used.

AcerHK GUI is now on version 0.3

I look forward to continuing to refine the utility and add a few more features.

Posted by M-C 2009-03-03

AcerHK GUI -- New Release -- v.0.3

The widely popular acerhk driver now has a GUI. The AcerHK GUI is a front end to the acerhk (Acer Hot Key) driver that enables certain buttons on the computer and an interface with wireless and bluetooth hardware. In some cases, the buttons are not associated properly -- if at all. The GUI provides an interface to the driver and enables user to activate and deactivate associated wireless and bluetooth hardware radios regardless of the button assignments. ... read more

Posted by M-C 2009-03-01

AcerHK GUI .rpm Package Released

I know there are a lot of .rpm based Linux systems out there and you may also use acerhk. I created a .rpm base package; however, this was done using the alien -r [file.deb] to create the file. I need feedback on this file working/not working on a rpm based system.

Posted by M-C 2009-02-12

AcerHK GUI .deb Package Released

Finally, I have created my first (actually first distributed, but several attempts and lots of reading) .deb file for distribution. This should greatly simplify the installation of the program! :) For those that have issues or other, please make a post in the forum or drop me a line. Thanks to all for putting up with this "very" novice programmer-wana-be. :)

Posted by M-C 2009-02-04

Acer HK GUI - version 0.2 - Release

AcerHKgui stives to provide a gui interface to interact with the acerhk driver.

This release provides updated installation instructions. Feedback on instructions is recommended.

Posted by M-C 2009-02-03

AcerHK Graphical User Interface (acerhkgui)

AcerHK GUI -- First Release. At last, a GUI for those users that rely on the AcerHK driver to control their laptop wifi/bluetooth hardware. It provides for a simple interface and functionality at this point. I welcome comments, suggestions and people wanting to contribute to the project.

Posted by M-C 2009-02-02