M-C - 2009-02-12

To facilitate troubleshooting, I decided to give a quick post.  Will add more to this thread as necessary.

Issue:  GUI loads, but does not seam to have any effect.
This could be as simple as the acerhk driver not being installed, active, or in a different location than where it is expected to be found.  Run the acerhkgui from the command line.  When pressing any button on the gui, you should see a message returned of expected action.  In the event that the path is not found, you will have an error message on the screen as to that. 

If not found, then check to see if it is installed with your package manager.  If not, install acerhk from your package manager.

If it is installed, see if it is running.  You can basically check the status by changing to the /proc/drivers/acerhk/ directory.  From that location, issue the following command:

cat info

If it returns nothing, then you either don't have appropriate hardware, or the module isn't loaded.  If it isn't loaded, use google to find a solution to ensure the module is loaded (probably requires mod-probe).  Before doing that, check the acerhk information page and see that your model is supported.  An alternate location for information on the rfswitch is from http://rfswitch.sourceforge.net

ISSUE:  The driver is installed, but the path is different than expected.
At this time, you will need to manually edit the path to the driver.  In the future, I want to enhance the GUI to enable the user to designate that through a configuration page.  Edit the /usr/bin/acerhkgui.py file.  You will need to change all references of /proc/driver/acerhk to the appropriate path on your system.