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ACE library build system for FreeBSD / News: Recent posts

ace-freebsd 5.2.1 released

ACE-FreeBSD is a set of makefile for building ACE library on FreeBSD platform. This release builds ACE 5.2.1, "bugfix only" version.

Precompiled static and shared libraries also avaliable for download.


Posted by Anonymous 2001-12-11

Precompiled ACE-5.2 avaliable

Static and shared libraries avaliable for download.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-21

ace-freebsd 5.2.0-1 released

New release avaliable.

Tests infrastructure updated, some docs added.


Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-08

Initial release avaliable

You can download initial release from SourceForge.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-03