ACDK snapshot 2002-06-04 available

After a long, long time a new snapshot was taken from the current ACDK development.
Download at

I also updated the reorganized web at

The page contains information about changes and open issues.

Please refer also to for information about porting ACDK to other platforms.

Snapshot Changes:
- Port to Visual Studio.NET/VC7
- Fixed some bugs acdkx_com, added docu and tests.
- Java can now work as DMI client and as DMI server.
- Fixed broken TCL interpreter on Unix.
- Try to port to darwin (MacOs X), but was stopped
by a broken gcc compiler/linker provided by Apple.
- Java compatible serialization in acdk::java::serialization.
- Implemented the BYVALIN, BYBALOUT parameter attribute.
- acdk::util::logging basic classes for logging, following
in many aspects java 1.4 and log4j.
- Support for named arguments in acdk::lang::dmi StdDispatch.
- Fixed some bugs in acdk:net.
- Alpha implementation of a simple remote file system in
- Implemented acdk::util::WeakHashMap
- Fixed bugs in acdk::lang::ref::WeakReference
- Support for Borland C++ 5.51 compiler and C++Builder
- Implement OUT() param attribute for DMI functions
- Fixed a bug in acdk::util::Base64
- Fixed bug in String::indexOf and String::lastIndexOf in
case of multiple incomplete pattern matching.
- Updated acdk_boot with documentation and test driver.

Posted by Roger Rene Kommer 2002-06-05

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