acdk and gcc 3.4

Aris Basic
  • Aris Basic

    Aris Basic - 2004-05-20

    i tryed compiling acdk under linux and gcc 3.4 buts its not working, with gcc 3.3.3 i had no problems compiling. Is this known problem ?

    Also are there any plans of converting SWT toolikit to acdk so it can be used with C++ ?

    • Roger Rene Kommer

      Many things are changed with gcc 3.4, for example handling templates.
      But the last ACDK release 4.11 should work with gcc 3.4.
      Can you give me an example, what is not working with GCC 3.4 and ACDK 4.11?

      I have evaluated different GUI toolkits for make usage in ACDK as standard toolkit under different aspects:
      1. License compatibility (LGPL)
      2. Platforms
      3. Mappable to ACDK object modell
      4. Feature set
      5. ease to distribute

      All these aspects lets choose me wxWindows/wxWidgets as GUI platform.
      (See acdk_wx)

      In SWT are problems regarding object mapping (I had to write a JNI compatible API to fake a Java VM for the usage of SWT directly in
      C++, Many things in SWT are written in Java and has to be rewritten) and distributing (I had to branch an own version of SWT, I think it is not possible just to use SWT just as an library, beside the problem, there is no SWT only distribution).


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