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  • Mika Riekkinen

    Mika Riekkinen - 2004-07-05

    Hi !
    Is it possible to configure acdkmake to write its output into a directory of choice.
    For example, I would like to have my executables in
    <my_project>/bin directory and shared libraries in
    <my_project>/lib directory

    • Roger Rene Kommer


      Unfortunatelly in the current version it is not possible.

      I made a quick hack, that enables to overwrite all properties of the compile_specs.csf (acdk_make/cfg/csf/include/)
      In the directory acdk_make/tests/foreign/exectuable I added a minimal test executable project, where the output of the binary is overwritten.

      acdk_make = new acdk.make.AcdkExeTask("makexecutable");
      acdk_make.getTaskProps().BINDIR = "./bin";

      default = new acdk.make.ProjectTask("default");

      The new version of acdk_make is currently only available via CVS.


    • Mika Riekkinen

      Mika Riekkinen - 2004-07-13


    • Mika Riekkinen

      Mika Riekkinen - 2004-07-14

      Is it possible to do the same with shared libraries.
      .BINDIR works fine, but -L and -I options for the
      compiler are not correct.

    • Roger Rene Kommer


      Currently acdkmake only has implemented AcdkBinaryTask (and derived for
      executables and libraries). This tasks are tailored for the ACDK environment,
      which make some requirements regarding naming convention, path, etc.

      It is is not very difficult to create a make taks like CppLibTask, CppExeTask, etc.
      with more freedom in naming, path, etc. All platform specific configuration, like
      compiler detection, cflags options for different targets, etc. is defined in the
      configuration file acdk_make\cfg\csf\include\compile_specs.csf.

      It is on a very top position on my wanted features list.



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