ACDK and Eclipse CDT

  • kaiuwe

    kaiuwe - 2004-10-25

    I would like to use ACDK together with Eclipse's C development environment CDT under MS Windows. I am not sure about the best way to get there. I tried to get ACDK compiled directly within Eclipse which was not possible ad hoc.

    Trying to compile it under Cygwin was not successful. I used the acdk_all.linux makefile and had several problems with it. I recognized, that the acdk_core project has an acdk_core.cygwin makefile. Unfortunately the other projects haven't.

    Please, can someone give me a hint, how to get it managed best?


    • Roger Rene Kommer


      unfortunately the combination gcc/windows is currently not supported.

      In the past I had troubles with gcc under windows generating shared libraries, but I haven't tested it in the past year.


      The acdk_core.cygwin currently is not working.

      The compiler currently supported under windows are the Visual and Borland compilers. For the free Borland compiler Builder X I also added project files.

      Generating make files for cygwin wouldn't a big issue, if I have the correct compiler/linker settings for cygwin.
      If you have any experience in cygwin you may modify the .linux make files. Please let me know, if you have any success.

      Eclipse is a real good IDE; I think there is nothing better for Java. I also played a little bit with the CDT, but haven't figured how to generate shared library and executable.

      Another possibility is to include acdkmake as a Builder into Eclipse. But unfortunately currently I haven't the time to put in there more work.
      First I want to finish the new XML library (including DOM, `namespace, XPath, etc.).


    • kaiuwe

      kaiuwe - 2004-10-26

      Hi Roger,

      thanks for your reply. I will continue playing around and trying to get it work with Eclipse. I will inform you, when I am successful.



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