StringBuffer throw MissingResourceException

  • wqf

    wqf - 2005-08-05

    the method append of StringBuffer
    RStringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();

    • wqf

      wqf - 2005-08-05

      Class acdk.locale.LocaleInfo not found

      the version of my acdk is 4.14

      • Roger Rene Kommer

        The short answer

        Before executing and ACDK executable do following:
        cd acdk
        (n)make -f acdk_all.<yourplatform> install

        After that you must have a lot files in

        The long answer

        ACDK supports locationization/internationalization.
        A float/double value has different string representation
        in different countries.

        So in Germany the float 1.2 will be displayed as "1,2".

        When ACDK converts the floating number into a string, it
        try find the corresponding local settings. Therefore
        the class acdk.locale.Locale is used. At startup
        ACDK tries to figure out from OS environment which
        local is set. The locale can also be overwritten via
        configuration, command line or in the program code.

        With this locale ACDK try to load with the ClassLoader a
        ResourceBundle (acdk::util::ResourceBundle)
        named acdk.locale.LocalInfo_<YOURLOCAL>. If it cannot
        be found, it try to load acdk.util.LocalInfo.

        The ResourceBundle can be a class or a property file.

        In you directory acdk/acdk_core/cfg/acdk/locale you
        can find a lot of LocaleInfo*.properties files for different
        languages and countries.

        StringBuffer.append(float value) uses value decimalSeparator from
        this properties file.

        Now the acdk tells you that acdk.locale.LocalInfo cannot be found.
        ACDK has a search path $(ACDKHOME) for classes and
        configuration (like properties files).
        If this is not set it is automatically set to the parent directory
        from the executable path. For acdk.locale.LocalInfo it
        looks for $(ACDKHOME)/cfg/acdk/locale/

        Because ACDK is split into modules after (or even better before) compiling
        the configuration files has to be installed into $(ACDKHOME).

        See further above in the short answer.

        Roger Rene Kommer


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