acdkmake does not work

  • Andreas Schluens


    First: The acdk feature set is very impressive.Respect for that.

    But now my "small problem" .-)

    I've tried the ACDK project and I'm was able to compile it on windows using MSDEV 2003 (alias VC7). But I'm not able to use the acdkmake tool.

    I've set the variables ACDKHOME / PATH /LD_LIBRARY_PATH / ACDK_TOOLS_HOME according to the documentation. But it doesnt work at all. E.g. the acdk_boot module shows an error like "CCC_PROJECT_LIBS not found" ... and using your "minacdksample" example from the documentation shows other errors like: "DIRSEP" not defined.

    Further I've tried different shells on windows as e.g. cmd.exe and 4nt.exe ...

    Can you please point me to the right documentation (may be I've overlooked something important there) or can you show me the right way, how I can use own build.csf makefiles with your acdkmake tool ?


    • Roger Rene Kommer


      Unfortunatelly I have a bad message.

      I started to redesign acdkmake to support non-ACDK projects and generating
      native projekt/make files for each platform (something like ant for C++).

      In 4.14 I was not enable to finish this, because other parts of ACDK need my focus.

      Until now I use the lisp scripts to generate native make/project files
      (f.e. "nmake -f acdk_xxx.nmake metamakemake" to generate the modules/workplace files and
      "nmake -f acdk_xxx.nmake makemake" to generate the project files). After I
      generated the native project files, I use them to build ACDK.

      This steps are documented in

      But in the long term I want to replace the lisp project file generator with

      Roger Rene Kommer

    • Andreas Schluens


      ... OK ... I'm not to stupid to find the right documentation as I thought before .-)

      No problem. I know that sometimes it's needed to redesign a feature (as I make it every day by myself). But it would be nice if the "news" section of a new release point that out .-)

      OK. I will try the mentioned workaround tody evening.



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