#10 Accutron gets confused by back-to-back URLs

URL Catcher (3)

When 2 URLs are pasted into a channel back to back (i.e. without a space in between), accutron sees them as one URL. Perhaps this could be fixed in an intelligent way by having accutron check for a static HTML suffix (e.g. .html) followed immediately by "http://".

Or, maybe nobody cares enough about this trivial issue to fix it.


  • Mark Cornick

    Mark Cornick - 2000-11-06
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mcornick
    • milestone: 101976 --> 100100
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Mark Cornick

    Mark Cornick - 2000-11-06

    Won't fix. Checking for static suffixes is infeasible as there are 1E30 of them out there. IMO, going by current standards, two URLs back to back (as in http://foo.com/http://bar.com/\) actually do constitute one URL, for something located on foo.com. If a2k fails to open this URL, it's doing its job. Trying to divine what the user actually meant is asking for trouble.

  • Mark Cornick

    Mark Cornick - 2000-12-08
    • milestone: 100100 --> 101977
  • Mark Cornick

    Mark Cornick - 2000-12-08
    • milestone: 101977 --> Historical

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