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Version 1.5 released

* Enable change of account sign to be recursive (change the parent and all below changes)
* Fixed problems with quotation marks in COA-header.
* Allow for multiple versions of "Default Accounts"

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2012-01-07

Version 1.4 released

New default accounts for Adempiere v 3.6.

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2010-07-16

Moved repository from CVS to SVN

The source code repository has been moved from CVS to the more modern SVN.

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2009-04-14

Version 1.3 released.

Files are in UTF-8 format.
One account can be tied to multiple default accounts.

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2009-04-08

Adempiere Chart of Accounts Editor: Version 1.2 released

Small application to manage Compiere/Adempiere Chart of Accounts file format. Creates and modifies Accounting import files needed for client setup.

An updated version with contributions from the Adempiere community and some minor usability improvements have been released.

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2007-12-03

Project merged with Adempiere

This project is now merged with the ADempiere Bazaar project. You will find releases of this application in the ADempiere download area.

Source is located under the contribute section in the version control.

/Daniel Norin

Posted by Daniel Tamm 2007-04-07