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Happy Birthday, Accordian

Accordian turns 1 year old today, but it has been 6-7 months since the last release. Accordian 1.2 is in (slow) progress, as I have shifted the bulk of my free attention to other projects. It will be descended directly from 1.0, which is Win32, and possibly interfaced with WINE to allow it to run on Linux and Solaris. The main new feature will be the ability to select specific game numbers to play.

Posted by rsood 2006-06-13

Finally, Accordian on Solaris

Accordian 1.1 has been built for Solaris (finally). I know I said it would be out a while ago, but I ran into difficulty trying to get drag and drop to work, and asking around on internet forums didn't help too much. A special thanks to the folks at, whose system never allowed me to register and therefore post, and who didn't respond when I asked them about it. Anyway, I guess I learned a lesson: don't say a release is coming until the program is fully functional.

Posted by rsood 2005-12-19

Accordian 1.1 DLL dependency

It has come to my attention that Accordian 1.1, because of the way Qt compiled it, requires some special DLLs to run. I have uploaded them onto the 1.1 Release. Unfortunately they are very large (2MB archived). Sorry for any troubles this may/have cause/d.

Posted by rsood 2005-08-18

Accordian 1.1 Released

Accordian 1.1 has been released. It makes use of the Qt toolkit, and so is portable to many OSes. It is currently only compiled for Windows though.

Posted by rsood 2005-08-06

Coming soon - Accordian 1.1 - Qt

Within the next few days Accordian 1.1 will be released. It will use the Qt toolkit, making it source compatible with many different platforms. I will see what I can do about compiling it on different platforms.

Posted by rsood 2005-07-28

Accordian 1.0 for Win32 released

The Win32 version of Accordian has now been released. Use 7-Zip to extract the .7z files.

Posted by rsood 2005-06-18

First file release

First files for the Windows version will be released by this weekend (6/18/2005) at the latest.

Posted by rsood 2005-06-15

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