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cxacru-fw --> Segmentation Fault.

  • vn123

    vn123 - 2007-03-18

    I was trying to extract the firmware from CnxEtU.sys by running it through the cxacru-fw executable I compiled after downloading the source from here.

    However it errors out with a Segmentation Fault error.

    I am running a 2.6.18 Kernel (64 bit) and the CnxEtU.sys file i tried to extract the file from was from the CD Rom I got from my ISP.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


    • Nick

      Nick - 2007-07-23


      Bit late, but for the future reference of anyone else... the problem is that the utility isn't amd64-safe (d'oh). The problem is non-portable pointer behaviour on lines 112 and 120 of the .c

      Solution I used was to run the program in a 32-bit chroot; if you were feeling more technically minded, you could debug and fix the problem - it shows up as a compilation warning.



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