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I en't dead yet!

I have vaguely started work on a library of "stuff" which supports my coding style for OpenGL/C++ applications, having got sick of rewriting variations on the same classes and support functions every time I want to try a new idea. When this reaches a useful state, I shall port Accelerator over to C++, making it - in an ideal world - the first of a few small projects which will use the library.
To try and get the ball rolling, I tried to migrate the old CVS repository over to Subversion, but it didn't work and SourceForge don't provide error messages telling me why, so I'll do that manually at some point. I've also taken a brief look at SF's task management system, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will actually prove useful, seeing as this is currently a one-man project (plus it isn't exactly a proper project management system - where's my Gantt chart?).
Anyway... yeah. Things happen.

Posted by Philip Allison 2006-11-11

Version 0.1.1 released!

The version number may not have changed much, but the game has. :) This release adds sound effects, improved graphics, and much improved internals.

If you thought the old version was too ugly (which you probably did) and too quiet, try this one. In future, expect to see further game improvements (high scores, new play modes), bug fixes and performance enhancements, more eye candy, and music.

Posted by Philip Allison 2005-12-26

Good news for Windows users

A pre-packaged executable of accelerator is now available, which should allow you to get on and play the game without installing Python or any other dependencies. :)
Download here:

Posted by Philip Allison 2005-10-22

First release now available!

This project aims to create a fast, tense, good-looking, good-sounding, generally cool game, the sole purpose of which is to rock. I'd love it to end up something like underrated PlayStation shooter n2o, but right now, it's a long, long way away.
What it is, though, is existent, portable, and playable - which I'm sure you'll agree are good first steps.
Download it, play with it, and tell me about any problems, any comments or suggestions, and about your deepest, darkest desires.... read more

Posted by Philip Allison 2005-10-19