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Project separation.

Accel-pptp-1.x moved to separated project accel-ppp (

Posted by xeb 2011-01-05

ACCEL-PPTP-0.8.1 released

This release feautures more stability and performance.

Posted by xeb 2008-12-29

ACCEL-PPTP-0.7.12 released

* updated gentoo ebuild
* updated build system
* fixed pppd version detection
* more reliable socket release
* fixed potential memory leak (thanks to Oleg A.Arkhangelsky)
* fixed module installation bug
* added support for 2.6.23,2.6.24 kernel
* updated documentation

Posted by xeb 2008-02-11

SVN repository now available

Latest sources imported to svn repository.

Posted by xeb 2007-04-24

ACCEL-PPTP-0.7.7 released

* fixed bug that causes transfer freeze in some cases.
* implemented window adjustment algorithm

Posted by xeb 2007-03-14

ACCEL-PPTP 0.7.5 released

* fixed bug that causes kernel panic.
* rewrited algorithm of Call ID allocation.
* some improvements.
* successfully tested on about 250 connections.

Thanks to Kirill Yushkov for debug support.

Posted by xeb 2007-02-27

ACCEL-PPTP 0.7.4 released

Added support for linux-2.6.20

Posted by xeb 2007-02-09

ACCEL-PPTP 0.7.3 becomes STABLE

ACCEL-PPTP + RADIUS has been tested on about 20 users (simultaneously) by time.

Posted by xeb 2007-01-25

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