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1.7.2 released

* fixed connection dropping when mppe=prefer and user rejects ccp
* improved tunnel termination (l2tp)
* fixed sending incorrect magic in lcp echo request
* fixed various typos
* gather interface statistics via netlink

Posted by xeb 2012-09-06

1.7.1 released

* drop compressor settings on session termination
* fixed race condition on termination
* fixed unexpected lcp timer start
* fixed setting of ACCEL_PPP_VERSION with git coloured output
* log_file: fixed bug in per user log
* pppoe: tag length sanity check
* iprange: accept network with null mask (which actually disables iprange module)
* l2tp: various fixes
* radius: update Class attribute by CoA request
* telnet: check for disconnect condition while processing input chars
* implemented per-CTRL ip-pool option to specify default ip pool name

Posted by xeb 2012-07-30