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SVN reorganization and new focus for ACaMI

A long time has passed since the last release. A time without large changes on the code of ACaMI. But now I want to continue the work. And I start to continue with a reorganization of the subversion repository and a new focus for this project.

In the meantime there are a lot of tools to administate Asterisk PBXes. But if you search for somethiong specialized on embedded devices, you will not find anything. That's the gap ACaMI will fit in the future. And therefor I removed all unnecessary stuff like the flash operator panel, the apache config etc. and I changed the default database backend from mysql to sqlite2 (mysql will be removed soon). Next I will remove all images, that were used for styling only, and I will change the translation handling back to something that works on all kind of platforms - particularly on embedded devices.... read more

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2007-07-16

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-7 released!

we released ACaMI 1.0 PRE-7 today with a lot of bugfixes and new features.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2006-08-11

New features in SVN - do not use the tar file any longer

There are a lot of changes, bugfixes and new features in svn trunk. So we recommend to checkout ACaMI from there and not to use the outdated tar-file (Version 1.0_PRE-6).
A new tar-file will be released as soon as all new features are tested and there are no release critical bugs.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2006-07-21

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-6 released!

we released ACaMI 1.0 PRE-6 today with a complete rewritten dialplan, PHP code and a new design (have a look at the screenshots section).

The final release will follow as soon as 'System Recordings' and the 'IVR Wizard' are working.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2006-03-13

Migration from CVS to SVN

After a complete rewrite of ACaMI, I've removed all modules from CVS and did a initial import of the new code into SVN.

To download the new code (Branch: 1.0-PRE6) just do :

svn co acami

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2006-03-07

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-5 released!

Happy new year to all ACaMI users,

we released ACaMI 1.0 PRE-5 today with a lot of optimization in the dialplan to work with Asterisk 1.2.1.

More fixes and enhancements will follow, soon!

You're welcome to test ACaMI and let me know about bugs and feature-requests. And you're also welcome to contribute changes and/or enhancements to ACaMI.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2006-01-02

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-4 released

ACaMI isn't far away from having all features for the first beta release, now. Only system recordings and ivr manager are still missing.

You're welcome to test acami and let me know about bugs and feature-requests. And you're also welcome to contribute changes and/or enhancements to ACaMI.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2005-11-22

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-3 released

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-3 has been released with bugfixes of the old PRE-2 stuff and some new features.

Download and enjoy!

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2005-11-14

New Features in CVS

Since last PRE-Release some nice new features have been added to CVS module 'devel'.

- moved from .lang files for each template to support for i18n (gettext) translations
- added queues configuration
- modified extension add wizard to support zap extensions and to really disable voicemail, if you choose 'disable'
- several changes on sql structure
- added channel admin list

============... read more

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2005-07-25

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-2 released!

ACaMI 1.0 PRE-2 has been released as a bugfix-release of the old PRE-1 stuff.

We also moved the files in cvs from module acami to module devel.

Posted by Stefan Kolodzeike 2005-07-07