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  • LCID Fire

    LCID Fire - 2004-01-02

    [quote]As a result, we have to redesign keys. This is my next mission.[/quote]
    IMHO abuse has had one of the best key assignments EVER! I'm not sure we have to change that much - perhaps add some things...

    [quote]Then, of course, there will be normal items like health and ammo, just like in the original. [/quote]
    I also vote for shielding!

    [quote]There is one new manoeuvre: crouching. Player can crouch by pressing down. While hes down he sustains more damage than normally. Simple as that. He can almost survive a direct hit form napalm (from 100 health). Remember, that now we also have to find a new key for activating objects. Should a player jump a little bit higher if he first crouches like in Half Life??[/quote]
    One thing is for sure - we have to keep the keys customable! So I personally would leave the down key because it was a really fast way to active things!

    [quote]Hits to different body parts cause different amounts of damage. Not much though. Now players have to aim more accurately in multiplayer to get the fastest frags. I dont know how this could be done, but after all, Im all thumbs and fingers in coding stuff.[/quote]
    This just extends the collision checking. Should not be all too hard (I hope ;)).

    -Working range should be doubled from its current value. Lifts and weapon projectiles should have unlimited working range, because sometimes we just need long lifts, and its not fun when rockets just vanish after theyre out of sight.[/quote]
    From a gameplay sight this is surely right. In the other hand this is also a performance issue.
    The same things occur when you have enemies going out of sight. I currently don't know how abuse handled it but I think all enemies had a specifc range in which they began to react.
    But thinking about it - I think it would be great to have all movable objects working from the beginning. This way one could make patrol routes, etc. and the whole environment would be more livelike. And this way we're back at gameplay issues because the level designers have to keep in mind not to have too much working objects in levels (which could perhaps bring down performance).

    [quote]-Players should now sustain a bit more damage in multiplayer. This again promotes skill over mindless fire fight.[/quote]
    This is more of a balancing thing. I think we'll have to balance the whole game by the end of development...

    [quote]-FOV should be increased by about 20%, so that now you could see bigger area. LCID_FIRE came up with this idea and it is a great addition. All my friends also complained that the view is too small.[/quote]
    Since this suggestion comes from me I agree *grin*. In the other hand PERHAPS we could make this kinda costumable. Any thoughts?

    [quote]-Again to promote kill over mindless play, I think the scoring in multiplayer should be changed to reward player who stay alive. Maybe a killing spree should increase the score? We should discuss about this a bit more.[/quote]
    You think of some kind of frag rating? Perhaps this makes sense - in the other hand it's very situtation dependent. Campers could bring down the system really fast...

    [quote]-Compass should simply be a map device. The level creator should be able to determine which parts of the level are shown in the map (to hide secrets). Players/enemies are only shown if combined with Radar.[/quote]
    I don't know if a classic deathmatch should have these options. In a special quest like gamemode this surely makes sense (sort of character roles like Siege!?)

    [quote]-The editor should have a feature that when a button is pressed, the cursor will automatically move to the ground. As we all know, if a respawner is not in the floor, re-spawning items will be translucent. This feature helps adding respawning things to the level.
    -Editor should have new tools. I suggest we take a look at Eitan Tals Fore Abuse. Also, foreground tiles should come in many sizes. I would like to place long floors, but Id also like to place tiny tiles, to create better environments & details. Tiny tiles would be half the size of the normal.
    -If a respawn object is linked to many different things, it will respawn one in turn. It should be able to be switched to random mode, where it randomises the respawn sequence in the beginning of a map. There should be new animations when objects respawn. One would be similar to UT 2003. One would be faster classic style. There could be more different styles as well.
    -When ammo is respawned into the air, it should respawn properly. Now if you put ammo respawner into the air it will respawn more items even if you havent picked the first one. [/quote]
    We'll have to redesign/redo the editor surely anyway...

    [quote]-Gun turrets should have an option to be indestructible. In this case the explode effect caused by a weapon hit on the turret should be different so that players notice and will not waste all his ammo on it.[/quote]
    Any good reason for this? I would perhaps make it possible to set the max damage to 999 or something but why not have it destroyed in the end? I hate static objects which can't be influenced...

    [quote]-Weapons should be able to be prioritised[/quote]
    A system where you can customize which weapon to switch to when empty or piked up?

    [quote]-Players should now be able to shoot from ladders. This would reduce climbing speed and increase recoil.[/quote]
    I agree. Should it also be possible to hang left/right on the ladder (anybody besides me played Heart of Darkness?)?

    [quote]-Sensors should now be set to detect enemies as well.[/quote]
    ? I don't get it...

    [quote]-Maps should be made more destructible. In DM you could blast some walls and ground etc[/quote]
    Why? Other games are desperately trying to have a interactive environment and you want to remove this feature from a2? Reasons?

    [quote]New weapons, and new firing modes
    All old weapons should be present, and every weapon should have a new firing mode. Heres what Ive come up with.[/quote]
    That's a general question. Should we really keep that much old weapons? I mean some were nice - surely but are we trying to create Abuse 1.3 or a mayor release???

    [quote]Again weapon projectiles should have an unlimited range. Of course theres some exceptions. [/quote]
    Which exceptions???

    [quote]The idea of the secondary fire modes is Messiahs.[/quote]
    100% ACK!

    [quote]-Laser rifles secondary: can convert "laser energy" into "normal energy" which can then be used in devices. Laser should not have an unlimited range, although it should be increased a bit. Recoil should be almost nonexistent.[/quote]
    I'm dumb today - what are you talking 'bout?

    [quote]-Grenade launcher (in general) needs extra punch. It does medium damage but because of the levels it's rarely used in multiplayer. The weapon as it is now is useful in some cases (lobbing grenades behind obstacles), but I still think it needs adjusting.
    I suggest these modifications:
              1) Splash damage effect should be a bit bigger
              2) It should do more damage.

    Secondary firing mode increases its range.[/quote]
    Why not make second firing some kind of heat sensitive mine? This way a player could eliminate the mine be firing the mines environment and this way detonate the mine. Like I said - range 'n' damage have to be customized anyway...

    [quote]-Rocket Launcher secondary mode: laser marker. With alt fire you can shoot a thin laser, which has a bit longer range than the plasma. All nearby rockets in the air will lock to this point. Remember that this can be either foreground piece or object. If the laser does not hit the ground, no locking will occur. This is good for distracting enemy rockets, as well as guiding you own. Laser recharges after about 2 seconds (a delay is here because otherwise players could misguide all rockets all the time and what fun would that be?).[/quote]
    You really think that is playable? I like playing action games but I'm almost sure that I can't control this and I'm not all bad ;)

    [quote]Also, I think rockets speed should accelerate after a while.[/quote]
    100% ACK!

    [quote]Light Saber secondary mode: You are now able to boost power_shield (see below). The shield now lasts 2/5 times longer. All friendly players may do this.[/quote]
    The question again - is a light saber playable?

    [quote]Napalm secondary: Should napalm be converted into flamer? If someone could do the GFX, then why not? Anyway, what if the napalms secondary could be the flamer?[/quote]
    Why not leave the napalm alone and just create a flame thrower? I think we have way enough shooting weapons and we could make things burn for half a minute or so as second mode.

    [quote]-Death Frisbee secondary mode: guider. When you switch to secondary, you can only fire one ball at a time. But this time the screen will follow it and you can guide it as far as you want; the screen will not be the limit. However, you are quite fragile when you control the frisbee, as you can't move. When you launch a guided ball, a device will appear to your HUD representing Nick controlling the ball. Ill draw a sketch of it sometime. The guiding method will also be different.[/quote]

    [quote]New Weapons
    -BFG conversion from fRabs. I dont know if we should do this? You decide.[/quote]
    Don't know whether the bfg handles like the one in q3 but if it is then go for it - although I think we have to be very strict adjusting the fire rating...

    [quote]-Upgraded Laser rifle (we need a better name for this): A new laser based weapon that increases damage, firing rate and range (not much, though). Its projectiles look like "fat laser" some turrets and ants fire. Secondary mode: can charge a powerful energy blast, a huge laser bolt that takes about 70 points of health at maximum. Charges like Fusion cannon in Descent. It can load take up to 30 points of ammo. Its ammo comes in packs of 12 and 30 (it uses different ammo than basic laser).[/quote]
    Or should be include this feature as some kind of addon to the ordinary laser rifle?

    [quote]New grenade types. You have to press button 2 several times to toggle between different grenade types.

    Fire grenades
    These work like normal grenades, but their explosion does more damage & looks different.

    Toxic Grenades
    When this grenade hits something, it     explodes into a big green toxic cloud. Does heavy amounts of damage, but with Speed and max health you could get through. Cybernetic enhancements would also reduce the damage. Ideal for stopping enemy flag carriers in CTF. The toxic lasts for about 20 seconds. Own team is also affected. Screen turns green when breathing this, not red when taking damage from other weapons.[/quote]
    This way we have 2 modes for firing and another 2 for types which makes 4 possible states. In the one hand this sounds good but in the other I fear a2 will be way to fast to switch...

    [quote]-New weapon: Springy (better name required)
    This weapon shoots 3 small dart like objects into ceiling or walls/others. When they hit something, they will stick to it.  When someone walks near them, they will spring fast towards him (but they aren't 100% accurate). When they hit a victim, they will cause a small explosion. But if they hit floor or wall, they will bounce off a few times. Actually they can bounce off of everything: from elevators, steps... When they have bounced 3 times, the next hit to ground will detonate them. When darts are sticked to a wall, there is a 1.5 second delay until they are ready to spring. A quiet beep will be heard when the darts become active. Secondary mode: The darts are shot just like in primary fire, but they don't activate when someone walks near them. Instead you can activate them whenever you want. The 1,5 second delay is disabled in secondary mode. Springys ammo comes in packs of three and six. I have no idea about the looks of the pickups. The projectiles should be small and dark (brown or something), so that they are hard to spot.[/quote]
    I think the dart thing is not that bad - but perhaps it would be more usefull to have some kind of paralizer which slows creatures!?

    [quote]- Gauss Blaster
    This weapon is much like a shotgun, but instead it shoots 6 blue, small, and fast moving projectiles at one shot. These projectiles dont spread much, but their range is limited. Each projectile does 10-12 points of damage. They also ricochet off walls (maybe only once?). Weapon has to be loaded after each shot, meaning it has 1.5 second delay between shots, and a cool reloading sound. I havent got an alternate fire mode for this yet. Ammo comes in packs of 18 and 36, and each shot takes 6 points of ammo. If you have less than 6 points of ammo left, you will get the corresponding amount of shots in the primary fire. Does very little damage to power_shield ( because it slows them down), only 2 points per projectile.[/quote]
    Could be good. But IMHO why not make the gun more shotgun like?

    [quote]-Link Gun (The name (and partly the weapon itself) is from Unreal Tournament, so we cant use that name)
    This weapon shoots a coloured beam of energy. When the beam hits enemies, they will both take damage and go to a shock. Ants will start shaking (cannot move), and Mechanical enemies do not function. What this does to players is different. There are three different effects simultaneously: their screen will shake and it turns partly green, and it causes the player to move very slowly. This represents the fact that the weapon is very painful. The primary fire does small amounts of damage. When an enemy (except mechanical things) has been killed by this gun, his body will stay on the ground for something like 7 seconds, and a green glow will surround him/it. At this point, a player can use his secondary more (also beam) to retrieve health from the body. Health can be retrieved as long as the body will stay on the ground. The maximum health recovered per body could be something like 20-25, so the retrieving speed should be adjusted according to this. Also note that you cannot retrieve health over 100. Ammo comes in packs of 15 and 25 (or perhaps 35?), and the usage speed should be the same as plasma, or a bit lower. In addition, you can convert Power_shield energy to health by using the secondary mode. It does not matter who actually has the shield, being it you, your teammate or an enemy player. The retrieving speed from shield should be slower than retrieving from a body, and of course this way the shield will run off faster.[/quote]
    I think we could join most of these features to the paralize weapon.

    [quote]Lightning gun
    Much like the lightning gun in Q3A, but this has a little blast damage, and reloads slower. More info about this weapon is added in the future. Idea by LCID_FIRE.[/quote]
    I currently noticed that we already have a hell lot of weapons - wouldn't it be better to make the lightning gun as second mode for the laser gun (both need energy...so...)

    We have some weapons here but somehow every weapon has already be seen in another game. Maybe we should come up with a weapon that's never been seen before!?

    [quote]And now the new items.

    This item will be thrown, and when it hits something, it turns all players' screens to white. Very nasty and their eyes get hurt. Computer controlled enemies will stop moving and start screaming.[/quote]
    Sounds good. But I think only players who looks into the flash or are in specific range gets white screens... BUT to have these things working we need some of kind of collision so one can hide behind a wall and get no effect.

    This little item can be placed on the floor, wall or ceiling. It's very small, but still detectable if looked really closely. The owning player also has a small device, which can used to watch the area from a small monitor. The device is capable of monitoring up to two (maybe three) scouts. A Scout can be destroyed easily when found. 2 laser shots, an explosion or an energy charge (plasma weapons) can destroy it. Scouts last about 3 minutes, and then will detonate themselves.[/quote]
    Sounds good. I don't know if it is that useful - we have to playtest it...

    -Portable Energy barrier
    This is a portable version of the force field we currently have. It is "shot" to the ceiling. When it hits there, it will divide itself into 2 parts. The first will stick to the ceiling, while the other will fall to the ground. After another part has fallen, an energy barrier will be created between them. The taller the barrier is, the shorter it lasts. If its about 4 blocks high, it will be active for about 10 seconds, and then it goes off. The pieces will stay where they were left, and everyone can now pick them up for reload/reuse. Reloading is done when picked up, and it takes 20 points of energy.  The barrier cannot be destroyed. Everyone can shoot, but not move through it. The link gun should be able to retrieve health from an active barrier.[/quote]
    This way we would have a horizontal barrier. What if someone would like to have a vertical one? I think when the shot hit's the ceiling it has to create the barrier in 90.

    [quote]-EMP. Bomb
    This bomb is used to disable any electrical machines for a short period of time. Bomb explodes when it impacts on something, and has a small electric explosion (similar to death    Frisbees one). All electrical machinery in its small radius will stop working for about 10 seconds. Even death frisbees explode if they are caught in it's radius. Lifts will stop at mid air if     the explosion reaches them on the move. Any power-ups (speed, stealth, fly) will also be disabled for 10 seconds (flag carriers beware). It does not affect sensors, but robots yes. Energy Barriers can also be disabled.[/quote]
    I think sensors too!

    [quote]- C4 /similar explosives
    This bomb is available ONLY in single player. It is used to destroy some big things. Used only if you have to detonate an objective, or something similar. Also requires a detonator device. When you require C4 in levels, you should     usually have it in the start of the mission, but you can also find it from the levels. Causes BIG explosion. Be careful.[/quote]
    Agree. But also I think it should be possible to destroy big objects using conventional weapons. Though this should take some time...

    Similar like Holoduke in Duke 3D. This device creates a hologram of the player, which stands still. When somebody shoots it, it will look like it takes damage, but the bullets still go through it. When the hologram is deactivated, it looks like a player dies. The hologram has the same colour the "host" has. Track Balls can be tricked easily with this. Power Usage small/medium.[/quote]
    Why not make the hologram ai controlled???

    [quote]-Crappling hook
    This device is used to move around. If youve seen it in Quake, you should be quite familiar. It is used to allow better access to high places, but also to dodge weapon fire, especially in multiplayer. It has range of about 2.5 times plasma. You aim it like normal weapons, and then shoot it to the ceiling. After it hits, it will wind up a bit. To wind further, press up and down arrows. When you press use key again, the hook fill get back to you and you can shoot it again. It will return fast, so you can swing in the air. Power usage: none, but medium/high when winding.[/quote]
    But the device was not really usefull in quake and I think it would be in a2 only if we have levels without fly addon. But since we have a 2d graphics you could no camp or anything using this tool. So what is it usefull for.

    [quote]-The Dark Matter device
    This device will be left to the ground. After it is placed, it will turn a wide area to pitch black. This area can then be used as a defence position, because it absorbs damage from energy-based weapons (maybe) and nobody is able to see inside. This makes people nervous because they don't know if there is anybody inside. It is very risky to walk through it because of a nasty surprise can wait there. It's very good defence position in CTF. The black area lasts from 20 to 30 seconds, and the device can then be picked up and used again. Only drawback is that it needs all your energy for activation (even cybernetic enhancements lose power for about 5 seconds in the activation - the power supply needs to recharge).[/quote]
    What do you think about making soem kind of self destruction device. The player is killed and on his place a kind of mini black hole is opened which pulls all objects in it's reach into it. I haven't seen this in any game so far and if the hole implodes after a minute or so it would be a funny addon. Thoughts?

    [quote]When a player finds a server, this information is displayed:

        1. Game type (DM, COOP, CTF...)
        2. Current / max players
        3. Player names, pings, frags, team scores...
        4. Frag/timelimit
           5. Current map
        6. Maybe a map preview (UT 2003 style).
        7. What extra features are used.
    8. Map list button, that opens up a map list window. It displays all maps in the servers rotation. Maps in white are regular maps, green maps are custom maps and red maps are maps you don't have. There should also be an option in the server that does not send the list.[/quote]
    The map list should be white if you have all maps - red if you don't have any map and various red shades to indicate the ammount of missing maps on you computer.   

    [quote]A new feature especially for single player: scrollable screen. There can be situations where you would like to see further to the level (a big room where you are about to enter or something). This feature enables you to see there. When you step to a certain area, a small icon will start blinking on the HUD. This indicates that when you are in this zone, you can scroll freely further to the level. Now you can hold a scrolling key and move you mouse to look at your surroundings. When you release the scroll key, the screen will automatically center on you.  Of course mapmakers can decide how big area can be seen with this.[/quote]
    I think this is more of a tool, isn't it?

    [quote]Crack Dot Com said that one of the Abuses strong points is that it's fully customisable. Now this is very much true, and we should take advantage of it. What about adding a mini game to it, like ping-pong or a crackout clone or something?[/quote]
    Sure ;) But I'm afraid for the beginning we'll be occupied to just create the game :P

    • LCID Fire

      LCID Fire - 2004-01-02

      The rest comes in a few days; you wrote quite a lot scir ;)
      BTW: could we switch this board to phpbb2? This board here is one pain in the ass...


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