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abuild 1.1.6

I have released abuild 1.1.6. I skipped public releases of 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 since the changes were not significant. 1.1.6 has a few useful enhancements and some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2011-07-01

abuild 1.1.3

I have released abuild 1.1.3. This version contains primarily cosmetic improvements and a few minor enhancements. The most notable change is that, for multithreaded builds, the default behavior is for abuild to capture output and tag each line of output with an indicator of the build item that produced it. This makes it possible to programmatically parse multithreaded build output.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-10-02

abuild 1.1.2

I have released version 1.1.2 of abuild. The main change here is that the JVM that runs the java builder is invoked with more max PermGen space. Ant-based builds (with either backend) can load lots of classes, and this can overflow PermGen space. There are also new debugging arguments that allow tweaking of parameters passed to the jvm.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-04-16

abuild 1.1.1

I have released abuild 1.1.1. There are a few bug fixes and minor enhancements, including a few minor changes to support version 1.8.0 of ant and version 1.42 of boost. Users of 1.1.0 are encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-03-01

abuild 1.1.0

Abuild version 1.1.0 has been released. There are very few changes from the latest beta. For details, please refer to the release notes in the documentation.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-12-07

abuild 1.1.b6

I have released version 1.1.b6 of abuild. It is my hope that this is either the last or second-to-last beta release. This beta version is now being used in production at my workplace. It is only still considered beta because of further testing on the new groovy-based Java backend. Remaining capabilities are considered production-ready.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-11-11

abuild 1.1.b5

I have released version 1.1.b5. Three small changes from 1.1.b4: embed version in DLL name for windows, better handling of a specific error condition in the automated upgraded process, and addition of optional child directory feature.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-10-28

abuild 1.1.b4

I have released abuild 1.1.b4. There are only a few tiny changes from 1.1.b3, including reworking the global plugin feature to make it more useful.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-09-29

abuild 1.1.b3

I have released version 1.1.b3 of abuild. There was a 1.1.b2 as well, but I didn't release it publicly. Between 1.1.b1, there have been two significant changes: a fix to a rarely occurring multithreading bug that's been in abuild since early 1.0 alphas, and an improvement of abuild's command-line parsing. This version of abuild is probably more solid than 1.0.3. It is only labeled as beta because the upgrade code and new Java backends have not been thoroughly exercised in production.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-07-28

abuild 1.1.b1

I have released the first beta of abuild 1.1. Changes are extensive and are described in the documentation. Please check out http://www.abuild.org for details.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-05-25

abuild 1.0.3

Abuild 1.0.3 has been released. This is mostly a feature enhancement release. It also includes a few minor bug fixes. For details, see the release notes in the manual at http://www.abuild.org.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-01-11

abuild 1.0

Abuild version 1.0 has been released. Java support is still considered alpha and is being redesigned for abuild 1.1, but version 1.0 is otherwise a stable release.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-02-12

1.0 or 1.0.rc2

A 1.0 release of abuild was expected in mid January, but it will be slightly delayed so that one or two pending enhancements can be snuck in. I now anticipate either a 1.0 or 1.0.rc2 release by mid February at the latest.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-01-29

Abuild: coming soon

I'm in the process of setting up abuild's hosting. A documentation snapshot is online at abuild's website, http://abuild.org.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2007-11-26

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