Eric Knight

Project admins:

Project Admins:


Absolution is a computer forensics framework that features powerful searching abilities and rock-solid investigation methods. The product has multiple objectives:

1) Contain as many forensics tools as possible for solution robustness.
2) Automate steps in the forensics process so that examiners will need to spend less time performing manual collection steps.
3) Produce results that are easy enough for regular system administrators to understand or even general computer enthusiasts.

The goals of Absolution are more ambitious but highly important:

1) Improve forensic investigation speed from weeks to less than a day
2) Provide a system that can perform forensics automatically based on regulatory compliance (PCI PA-DSS 2.x, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, etc.)
3) Accelerate Amber Alert/missing children response by having a way for parents to quickly search left-behind digital media or computers.