#5 Export Multiples


Currently it is not possible to export more than one
set of thumbnails, it will only export thumbnails for 1
ABR file at a time. I have, literally, thousands of
brushes, so exporting the thumbnails for each file
singularly is tedious at best. Combined with having to
navigate to the destination folder every single time
makes this is very time consuming. You can select
multiple files in the "previewed sets" window, but it
won't export all that are selected. The multiple select
doesn't work properly either.

This is a great leap forward and a great tool, but
needs some additional polish and bug-fixes. I've been
hunting for a tool like this for quite some time, and
was very glad when I found it.

Please, keep up the development.

Thanks !


  • Graham

    Graham - 2006-10-07

    Logged In: YES


    Not sure if you've noticed but from the File menu is an
    option to open brush sets. This option (for me at least)
    remembers the folder from which I last selected an ABR
    file. You can also select multiple files from this window,
    but it doesn't recurse through subdirectories.

    When I have multiple brush sets on-screen and then
    select "Export" + "Preview Panel" it produces an image
    which has all the icons from the view screen. If you make
    the application window roughly the same width as an A4
    sheet of paper, it works out easier to print.

    Maybe these are changes in V 1.01 and you tried V1.00 ????

    I've also submitted some changes, maybe these will help in
    the future.


  • LadynRed56

    LadynRed56 - 2006-10-09

    Logged In: YES

    I have version 1.0.1. I did manage to find the multiple
    export. The multiple selection however still does not work
    properly. Whether I use the File menu or the Select Folder
    button, it does not 'remember' the last folder opened.

    It also appears unable to open brushes created in Photoshop
    CS2, but the error message when it hits one of these brushes
    is in Italian ! There are a few other messages that are
    still in Italian too.

    Hope development will go forward, its a fantastic tool !


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