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abcmusiex / News: Recent posts

Including ABCMIDI

The new Fedora 18 version includes some files that can't be found on Fedora repos (abcmidi, http://abc.sourceforge.net/abcMIDI). If you want to download it separately, install the F16 version, it's the same, without abcmidi. Enjoy!

Posted by Rodolfo Alcazar 2013-05-14

Abcmusiex 1.0-7.fc13 released with GUI

At least a GUI! Well, altough it was already built, took some time to arrive to SF. Thanks y'all for the suggestions.

Posted by Rodolfo Alcazar 2010-06-24

Abcmusiex 0.9-2.fc8 released...

Some bug fixes, some improvements. Check website. Thank u all!

Posted by Rodolfo Alcazar 2007-12-29

ABCMusiEx 0.8 Released!

ABC Music Exercises generates sight reading exercise personalised files: ABCs, printable PS/PDFs, audio WAV and MP3. Student must follow audio practice while read and playing parts on his own instrument. Output highly configurable. Runs on Linux and Windows. Great!

Posted by Rodolfo Alcazar 2006-03-28

Learn music reading with ABCMusiEx

Now you can create printable (PS/PDF) and audio (WAV/MIDI/MP3) scores to practice musical reading with your instrument, with ABCMusiEX. Based on ABC music notation standard. Output highly configurable...

Posted by Rodolfo Alcazar 2005-08-27