Eamonn Maguire - 2009-07-04

I've looked at this software, but i believe it to be heavy, considering the fact that i have >50k lines of GUI code in an application. Testing every possible combination of events in an event driven environment would be pretty difficult using this framework.

I was wondering who of you would be interested in developing an annotation driven mechanism for testing GUIs in a brute force sort of approach. I.e., we use robots to browse through the entire GUI space -> encompassing multiple forms, events, and so forth and using annotations to provide test data to things such as text fields, combo boxes, and so forth where appropriate.

I think this could be a very possible system to code up, but i have only really just thought a bit about it, had a look at what's already out there (only really this framework) and thought about what could be an improvement in such a complex testing environment.

Anyone interested, or do you believe this to be an unattainable goal?