Using old references without fixing hierarchy

  • Mor

    Mor - 2006-12-04

    Excuse me for my bad English.
    During work I have found out a certain permanent bug.

    when I recording an actions under the Costello, at some moment I clicked a picture button, which is a child component of a ComboBox1. A reference was created with ID "cb_arrow.gif" and proper parent. Then I closed a JInternalFrame with that ComboBox. After that I performed some other action and stoped recording to add Assertion. I clicked Shift+F1 on button of other ComboBox2 with the same-typed picture, it had no reference. Then I chose some prorerty from a property list and click "Add Assertion" button. Costello has not created new reference for that button, instead of that is took an old reference "cb_arrow.gif". But a parent component ID of it is steel remained ID of a ComboBox1 from closed earlier JInternalFrame. Due to this incorrectness in hierarchy I receive error message "Could not distinguish between X components...".

    Answer please, why does it happens?  Why does not costello create a new reference; or why, if it uses deprecated reference from closed frame, it does not fix hierarhy?

    Is there some patches? or maybe if you can explain why such things may happen, I try to fix it by myself. I shall be glad to specify any details under your requirement

    • Mor

      Mor - 2006-12-04

      But, when assert is added, a reference must be created if it doesn`t exists(and it is created, but by the way I described). However, using Shift+Alt+F1 gives the same result.


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