Testing an application not launched by abbot

  • anandkand

    anandkand - 2012-04-16

    The application to be tested is launched by a cmd file. A java program has been written which launched this cmd file. This program is then configured in abbot to launch the application. i.e the abbot script will execute a java program, which will execute the cmd file, which in turn will launch the actual application to be tested. In trying to do so, I find that the actual application is not captured by abbot. Is this possible ? Trying to directly launch the application from Abbot is a bit difficult because of lot of dependencies..(the problem is that the applicaion uses hsqldb which is not created when launching it with abbot ) Could someone please help with this ?
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Gerard Davison

    Gerard Davison - 2012-04-16

    We ran into this problem, and we ended up invoking Abbot from inside our application. So JDeveloper starts and once that is up and running the tests / costello are run from within.

    There is a EditorContext object that allows you to take some control when invoking Costello from within another Java application:


    You will need to provide it with a TestHierarchy that has been told not to ignore the main window of your application.

    Here is a view let showing a very old version of this working


    Hope this is of some help,


    PS If possible use the abbot-users mailing list in future - that is a better forum to use


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