Is Abbot still supported?

  • Eric Kolotyluk

    Eric Kolotyluk - 2009-03-19

    I've been trying to use and understand Abbot, but I'm having an incredibly difficult time. The documentation is very sketchy and incomplete - some of the poorest I've ever seen. The web site is very limited and poor. The wiki site is effectively broken and does not render pages correctly - in one case it took me to a phishing site which tried to trap me into downloading and running some software.

    Is this the normal state of things for Abbot? How do people learn how to use it? Do people still use it?

    At this point in time I'm trying to determine if there is any value in trying to learn to use it or just give up and find some other GUI test system.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    - Eric

    • Timothy Wall

      Timothy Wall - 2009-03-20

      The library is stable and actively used by many developers. 

      These forums, however are no longer active; use the abbot-users list instead.


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