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  • naveen

    naveen - 2007-03-22


    I need a small favor from the experts here reg the Abbot.
    I am very badly in need of this.

    I am new to this JUnit testing and all.
    Is this Abbot a Automation tool? or do we need to manually
    write the code?

    I have Eclipse installed, How can I install Abbot? do I need to install abbot into eclipse? whats this constello?

    I'll be very much thankfull for your help and time.


    • Andrii Kokhan

      Andrii Kokhan - 2007-03-22

      Make sure you have JUnit for your project.

      1. Download abbot package from to any destination folder.
      2. Invoke contextual menu on your project -> Build path -> Configure Build Path.
      3. Click "Add external jars" button.
      3. Choose path to abbot/lib/abbot.jar

      Abbot is automation tool for GUI testing.
      You need to write code yourself, but not that much.
      You need Constello if you want to see the templates for your manual code.
      See this


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