Rabbot - 2006-10-11

Dear all,

I could successfully launch the demo application and automate some actions.

Now I try to launch an own developed dummy application, but without success. Each time I get an error message telling me that the class couldn't found.

Some background information:

- The java file containing the main method is located in following directory:

C:\Borland\JBuilder2005\Programmeren 3\Examen2721_Motoclub_Wim_Demey\src\examen2721_motoclub_wim_demey\clsMotoclub.jva

- In the script editor in filled in the launch details as following:
++ Target class name

++ Method

++ Arguments

++ Classpath
    C:\Borland\JBuilder2005\Programmeren 3\Examen2721_Motoclub_Wim_Demey\src\examen2721_motoclub_wim_demey\

Who can tell what I'm doing wrong?