Anonymous - 2008-06-16


I'm trying to use Abbot as automated Input Data Generator for an interface I've implemented.
I recorded with Abbot's test script editor a typical process (login, enter deal, saving a deal,...) within the java based application I coded the interface for. On replaying that script I encounter a MultipleComponentsFoundException:

"Could not distinguish between 2 components using <component class="javax.swing.JButton" id="OptionPane.button" index="0" name="OptionPane.button" parent="OptionPane.buttonArea" text="OK" window=" Message" />"

The reason for that behaviour is the fact, that the application shows 2 JOptionPane Message Dialogs. One to inform me that the deal has been saved and one to show some other information. The problem is that those two dialogs are nearly identical(Name, button, button name,..). The only difference is the message text and the focus of course.

So when I tried to ie.: WaitForComponent(OptionPane.button) and then  Click(OptionPane.button) abbot finder can't distinguish between those two dialogs even though I wouldn't care which one is clicked first.

I thought about something like assertKeyStroke(Enter) but therfore I also do need the component information.

I appreciate any idea or information that would help me or shows me the right direction to look for the solution.